Sega officially leaves the business of Arcade Rooms

After more than 50 years, Sega completely leaves the market of Arcade Rooms in Japan. Here the details of this historical event.

Although the arcades market is no longer as popular in the West as it was in the last century, in Japan the story was different for decades. Even with the 21st century already underway, the traditional experience of the machines was preserved in the country of the rising sun for years. However, this has been changing for some time. This has recently revealed Queen has been withdrawn from the Arcades market.

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In 2020, Sega sold him 85% of the actions of his Arcades to Agenda Inc, a Japanese company that operates this type of locations under the GIGO logo. In this way, after 56 years in this business, Sega Sammy has sold him the other 15% of these locations to Agenda , thus culminating a chapter in the company’s history behind Sonic.

Sega began with the Arcades business in 1966, and estimates that for 1990 there were more than one thousand of these recreational rooms. However, as consoles and PCs have become more and more prominent in Japan, This market has gone in decline for years . Afterwards, the arrival of the pandemic two years ago gave him a strong blow to this type of business, one of which Sega did not recover.

Although Sega no longer has arcades, The company will continue to create this type of recreational machines, it is only that you will now sell them to various companies . Now the only way we will have to visit the famous Arcade Salas in Sega, will be through Yakuza’s games.

On related topics, Sega and Microsoft have a strategic alliance focused on cloud technology. Similarly, this company will be able to leave the NFT market, but only under a condition.

Editor’s note:

It is a pity that something so iconic from Japan, like the Red Arcades of Sega, finally came to an end. While the pandemic is partly responsible for this event, you do not have to forget that the consoles and PC offer almost all the experiences that a machine of this type can count.

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