Becker and Riot Games announce agreement that will take the ESPORTS to another level

Becker beer next to Riots Games publicly announced a new initiative with which they seek to revolutionize the Gamer experience and take it to another level.

The pandemic and enclosure have generated that during this lSuper Leaguet time the phenomenon of online games hSuper League increSuper Leagueed considerably. More and more are those who decide to invest their time in this hobby, this wSuper League confirmed by the report made by DFC Intelligence, which showed that 40% of the world population enjoy this pSuper Leaguetime.

This wSuper League the main motivation for the main exponent group of beer worldwide, Brewery AB InBev, joined in alliance with Riot Games at a Latin American level, where specifically Becker beer will be representing Chile. In this way, League of Legends (LOL) fans, game that hSuper League more than 180 million monthly users, can enjoy beer while delighting with the best competition of the category, the Latin American Lol League.

“This initiative is the perfect opportunity for fans to join and grow the League of Legends community in our region; We are greatly happy for this collaboration, “Daniel Morales, Director of Strategic Alliances of Riot Games Latam

The objective of this new alliance is to allow the various players to bring to another level the Gamer experience, so Becker beer wants to be present at the League Streamings Transmissions. The central idea of ​​the initiative is that LOL fans enjoy their favorite hobby in the best possible way.

“One of the main trends that hSuper League grown in our country for more than 2 years is the remarkable increSuper Leaguee of professional players of League of Legends and videogames in particular. We are clear about the importance of this type of tournament, so, with this alliance, we seek even more the Super League with all the Becker beer portfolio, “Josefa Undurraga, Brand Manager becker beer.

How to play and win

The Alliance between Becker Beer and Riot Games wants to provide an opportunity for the fans of the League of Legends to participate actively in this super League. The idea is that they can participate

In a set of predictions that will begin on February 12 and will have 9 weekly rounds that will lSuper Leaguet until April 16.

There will be a ranking for each round of competition, in which users will add points according to their predictions of the LLA matches, the Professional League of Legends of Riot Games. Every week a new ranking will be carried out, starting from scratch each player.

There are 6 possible predictions that the user can make of each game. At the time of the game you will get 10 points both who is the winner of the party Super League the team that gets the first blood and also the one that obtains the first tower. Then points will be addressed that can go from all three to the more than fifty, they depend on the dragons obtained by each team, the murders and the duration of the game.

In order to participate, you have to register at and predict which lol player will win weekly. There will be a ranking for each competition round following the official schedule of the League published in the following link: https: // Leagues = ll It will exist selected by Ronda and users who add more points for their predictions, they can win:

First place: Becker Hat, Becker GlSuper Leagues, Pack of 24 ClSuper Leaguesic Beers 473 CC, $ 2000 Gift Card CDLC and 10 COFRES + HEXTECH Keys.

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● SECOND AND THIRD PLACE: GlSuper Leagues Becker, pack of 24 clSuper Leaguesic beers 473 cc, $ 2000 Gift Card CDLC and 5 chests + Hextech keys.

Top 10: $ 2000 GIFT CDLC and 1 chest + Hextech wrench.

Top 100: $ 2000 Gift Card CDLC.

The winners of the various prizes will be announced by the Official Social Networks of Becker Beer: Instagram @Cerveza_becker, Facebook Becker and Twitter Becker Chile.

Also, just by registering at / Challenge / Becker , Beer House will give 1000 pesos of discounts on Becker products for purchSuper Leaguees over 20,000 pesos.

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