Ponomarev and the KFC: What role did Avio GmbH play?

The exit of the Russian investor Mikhail Ponomarev at KFC Uerdingen last spring ended with the liquidation of Gambling GmbH, just before a new investor was ready. But how serious was his interest really?

The sale of Ponomarev’s shares at the former third division KFC Uerdingen to the Armenian Noah Group last spring continues to ask questions. The Russian investor had announced after about five years and the rise of the Oberliga to the 3rd league, to submit its shares in highly neglected game operations GmbH. But how serious was the interest of the Armenians really on the club that already stuck in insolvency proceedings? According to the insolvency report, a contract had been concluded with Avio GmbH in Vienna.

Why Avio and not Noah? That’s a relevant question. The KFC insolvency administrator expected the GmbH to the Noah Group. Founded, however, was Avio from a Bulgarian, which does not have publicly comprehensible connections to the NOAH group. The lady is the sole managing director and shareholder. An e-mail address or phone number of the company does not seem to exist. The managing director of a company reported at the same address agrees to forward questions to the Bulgarian, but a feedback remains out. In doing so, answers would be highly exciting, for example to the question of whether behind the Avio GmbH really the Noah Group and Roman Gevorcyan, who has shown several times at the KFC as a possible Ponomarev successor? Neither the Bulgarian nor the Armenians respond to it.

Further clues enhance the impression that Avio GmbH has nothing to do with the Noah Group. For the Armenian investors pay attention to the naming in the sense of their brand. Your investment at the Italian Fourthligist AC Noah Siena, for example, take over the companies “Noah Investments Holding Srl” and the “ACN Siena 1904 SSD”. You also have the “Noah Football Group Ltd.” in Guildford in the United Kingdom. ” founded.

Renewed descent into the league threatens

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So why invest in Germany via a company with other name? The chronology also ensures the suspicion: The germ cell of the investments of the NOAH Group is the FC Noah Jerevan in Armenia, which was officially founded on July 26, 2019, the companies in Italy and England were all registered later. Only AVIO GmbH already existed before, since 26 September 2018. made aware of it, Ponomarev writes that he believes that the Armenians had used a suitable stock company.

But how did Avio GmbH have wanted to increase the investment in Germany at a balance sheet total of just 10,984.31 euros as of 31 December 2020? The fact is: the deal burst, the KFC was denied the third ligal license despite the sporty classroom, because the new financiers refused a security performance. Meanwhile, the GmbH is liquidated, the registered association (E.V.) is in the regional league before the renewed descent into the Oberliga.

Reeks Full story about the sale of the Uerdingen and the role of Ponomarevs in Krefeld in the printed Avio GmbH (Mondayout) or already on Sunday evening in _emagazine _ .

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