Special lot for two Schalke

Due to a hard-fought 2: 0 home win over Paderborn, Schalke 04 has cracked the 40-point mark. Above all, a special Lob deserved two royal blue.

After 1: 2 in Dusseldorf it had cherrished in Gelsenkirchen. “In the initial phase, it was still to be realized that we took the game from Düsseldorf,” Sanctified Schalke’s head coach Dimitrios Grammozis at the press conference after the game. But his players had “and rewarded, they have shown a good reaction”.

A standard of strong Thomas Ouwejan acted on Friday night against Paderborn as a can opener. But Schalke’s leadership wobbled before and after the break. “In the second half it became wild,” also confessed Grammozis: “Paderborn had a good chance to compensate, but Martin Fraisl was on the spot. He made a fantastic game.” Twelve shots fired the Ostwestphalia on the Schalke goal, not a single landed on the net. Only from Paderborn did the royal blue in both season duels did not concede. The first leg mid-September had ended 1: 0.

Grammozis denkt über personelle Änderungen nach! Das plant der Schalke-Trainer! | S04 NEWS

“Three points on Friday night against Away-strong Paderborner – that goes down like oil,” Fraisl Konstated after play. In fact, the SCP before the game was the second best team of the league on foreign places, had not yet been lost in this season. “I am huge that we have shown a reaction after the Düsseldorf game,” says Fraisl: “We worked well into the game. I say consciously, because it was not so beautiful at first. After 1: 0 When we came to a solid in the game, in the second half it was always better. “

“Darko gave us a lot of quality to us”

A permanent balance of Paderborn’s defensive was the mersy, lively Darko Churlinov, who got his chance from the beginning – and used it. After still missing the 2-0 in the 61st minute the 2-0, the VFB loan took this for a quarter of an hour before the end. “Darko has given us a lot of quality to us,” says Grammozis, the order: “I’m looking forward to rewarding himself with a hit.”

Whether Churlinov will be on the square next Saturday (13.30, Live! At game) in Karlsruhe at the beginning, is open – too, because the wingplitzer immediately after his goal had been beaten up.

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