Without trouble: Djokovic wins on returning to the ATP

Five weeks after the lost Corona court trial in Australia, the World Rank’s First Novak Djokovic has successfully returned to the Tennis Tour.

In Dubai, the Serbe won on Monday his first round part against the Italian Lorenzo Musetti sovereign 6: 3, 6: 3. After 74 minutes Djokovic decided his first match this year for himself and was also cheered by fans with Serbian flags.

He enjoyed it very much, said Djokovic in the interview in the square: “I could not have requested better reception.” Since his semi-final-out of Davis Cup with the Serbian team at the beginning of December he had not denied a match. The long break had no effect against the 19 year old Musetti. A break was enough in the first sentence. In the second round Djokovic took off his opponent twice the premium and and forthrew all seven break balls against him.

All in all, I have to be satisfied with my tennis.

Novak Djokovic

“All in all, I have to be satisfied with my tennis,” he accounted for. In the second round, the top set now gets to do with the Australian Alex de Minaur or the Russian Olympic Finalist Karen Chatschanov, which meet on Tuesday.

Place One of the world rankings is on the game

For Djokovic, this week is also the place in the world ranking. If the Russian Daniil Medvedew parallel wins the tournament in Mexican acapulco, he dissolves Djokovic in any case as a sector prime. Even with several other scenarios, a change to the world ranking lace is possible.

In order to be able to play in Dubai, Djokovic vaccinated against the coronavirus is a negative PCR test. At the Australian Open in January, the record winner had not been able to attend because his medical exemption from the tournament was not sufficient for entry. A federal court had finally dismissed his appeal against the expulsion one day before the start.

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