Final fantasy xiv

Wow: Kerkermeister does not want to fight and crashes himself in death

The fight against the Chairman is the final climax of WoW: Shadowlands and at the same time the end of a story that has begun many years ago. Whether the struggle of this iconic position is fair, everyone may decide for themselves . Of course, however, the fight against Zovaal is anything but easy. Three phases, various overlapping mechanics and, above all, the steady danger to fall into death in case of a wrong step, make the fight to the challenge.

That’s not just you like that. Even the chairmaster has to be careful all the time, where he starts – and at the same time falling around with a whole raid at attackers. You can already be inattentive.

Chairman crashes himself in death

Only then can explain why even Zovaal falls into one of the holes of the fighting arena. So happened at a pull, which was accidentally absorbed and disseminated.

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Actually, only fair, one or the other will think. Why should only we can fall into the holes while the boss never happens. But stupidly there is a dramatic difference. If we fall into the holes and die, then we lost the fight. If Zovaal falls into the hole and dies, but he still did not get lost, but just dives again. Unfair, right?

Why the boss that happens every now and then when Raidbosse and their adds can not even be pushed over a cliff, but it is still unclear. Maybe this has to do with the detection of closed and open doors in the ground. Fortunately, that happens only extremely rare and is not a particularly big problem as long as it happens directly to the pull. However, if the problem extends on later phases, then it could be annoying.

9.2 Jailer Death Cinematic - Arthas Freed & Shadowlands Ending - All Cutscenes [WoW: Eternity's End]
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Keeper of FC Schalke 04 deviates future question

In the summer of 2021 Martin Fraisl moved from the Dutch first division ADO Den Haag to FC Schalke 04, where he repressed S04-veteran Ralf Ferryman and became the number one between the poles. However, the contract of the Austrian runs again in the summer of 2022. The question of his future Fraisl is resistant.

In an interview of the “kicker” with the possibility of a remaining with FC Schalke 04 facing beyond the summer 2022, Fraisl deviates: “We will see,” the goalkeeper is covered.

However, the 28-year-old was not inasta in recent days. “I used the current week to create a profile for me. I have clearly structured which countries or clubs could be in question and what I want or does not want. In short, I have categorized myself and looked as I looked like me Define me and where I could take place, “Fraisl is quoted.

ON VA VIBREEEEER ! (FM avec FC Schalke 04) #22

The FC Schalke 04 Feels quite into this profile, but there are also “other options”, which would interest him, so the right foot. However, he has not yet recorded negotiations with the scarce about a new contract. “My full focus is now on the game in Dresden,” says Fraisl.

In principle, however, the final person emphasizes that he feel “great appreciation on the part of the club”.

Clock program of FC Schalke 04 “a blessing”

That Fraisl nevertheless nothing overruns, appears only logical in view of an ambitious statement. “I’ve made myself to play the last ten years of my professional career with one and the same club. I want to play at a high level until I am 42,” Fraisl surprises in conversation with the trade magazine. He started his profile collision late and therefore still the body of an 18-year-old, he justifies.

Schalkey, the goalkeeper of the royal blue continues to believe in the return to the Bundesliga. The heavy residual program against rows of direct contributors is “a blessing”. “We have everything in your own hand, that’s a big advantage,” says Fraisl.

Wild rift

Eyes open, link: Cosplay by Zelda from Breath of the Wild is a dream!

After Nintendo has officially postponed the successor to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild this week, the game has appeared again in the headlines. The fact that the series has been celebrated in different ways for many years in various ways, also show the numerous Cosplays , which exists around The Legend of Zelda. Today we introduce you to an artist who has taken Princess Zelda as a role model for her costume.

Cosplay pictures show Zelda outfit from Breath of the Wild

In Reddit Forum Anastasia Komori has presented one of your photos from Zelda Cosplay. Fans are likely to recognize the white dress of the Princess from Breath of the Wild. The picture of the cosplay we have integrated you below. Incidentally, it is not the only Zelda outfit that the artist shared at Reddit. Already a few days ago she also showed a wintry look of the Nintendo heroine.

How to Get DARK LINK In Breath of the Wild | Austin John Plays

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 only appears 2023

As mentioned in the beginning, the creators of Nintendo have made the decision to postpone the release of Breath of the Wild 2 to the spring 2023. The team needs a little more time to complete the ambitious project. Theories around the new gameplay, which shows links with a destroyed master sword , but still exists.

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Further cosplay presented from video games

Already in the last weeks we have shown you again and again pictures of different cosplays. More and more active is currently becoming the artists of the Elden Ring Community, which have been published last outfits of Melina and Ranni . But also costumes of Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West or Ciri from The Witcher 3 were in focus.

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Xbox Game Pass May 2022 Free Games

Xbox Game Pass is as strong in 2022 as in previous years, and May will continue the strong year 2022 of the service with a large new version for PC, console and cloud. The Xbox Game Pass Mai 2022-lineup is expected to contain a number of publications on the first day.

Headliner of the month is Rebellion next entry in the Sniper Elite Franchise, Sniper Elite 5, which brings the series for the first time to France. With an improved campaign, complete with co-op and improved multiplayer mode, the game will be the most comprehensive game of the franchise so far. You can also come into the campaigns of other players, similar to Deathloop and Elden Ring.

But the month does not listen here, as a number of indie titles will come into the service. Continue reading to learn the latest Xbox Game Pass May 2022 Free game of play.

Xbox Game Pass May 2022 Free Games

These games were for the confirmed Xbox Game Pass May 2022 Free Games Align:

  • two-point campus – May 17 (console, PC)
  • Sniper Elite 5 – May 26 (Console, PC)
  • PAC-MAN MUSEUM + – 27. May (Console, PC)

Be sure to look for more supplements and surprise drows again and again during the month.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (1 month) Xbox Game PASS Ultimate (1 month) Microsoft 14.99 $ 1.00 $ (First Month) Buy Now Network N Vericipates commissions from qualified purchases via Microsoft and others Programs.

Xbox Game Pass May 2022 Games Leave

Currently we are not aware of games that will leave the Xbox Game Pass in May 2022. However, we will make a better idea for the first games in early May.

Xbox Game Pass Games To Play Right Now

This covers everything we know about the free Xbox Game Pass May 2022 games. Take a look at a complete list of everything you can play on the service with our Game Pass game list.

Call of duty

Cheetah of “Call of Duty: Vanguard”, an evidence image that does not have a cheat, and the cheat is barred. In an informal convention

At the non-official convention performed by “ Call of Duty: Vanguard ” (hereinafter referred to as Cod: Vanguard), a player who has been suspended by the cheat will prove it in an unexpected manner. was there. Although the player was expelled from the competition scene, it is expected to have won a total of about 4,000 dollars (approximately 48 million yen) prizes in the second half of 2020 years. Overseas Media PCGamer etc. convey.

Activision has introduced a cheat system system “Ricochet Anti-CHEAT” towards the Call of Duty series from November last year. In addition to cheat detection using a PC kernel level driver, the system is a system that suppresses a comprehensive and strongly cheat such as strengthening monitoring on the server side. RICOCHET occurs because of “COD: VANGUARD”, basic play free Batroi work “Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific” has also been currently running, and it was also announced that it has achieved a certain result (related articles).

Nevertheless, participants who have been suspected of using cheat tools will make their own cheat acts too clear rice field. The problem occurred is an unofficial tournament of 2V2 search & destroy sponsored by CHECKMATE GAMING. At the same tournament, ILUHVLY, who defeated Kenji’s team of Streamer. They asked Kenji’s gameplay suspicious and requested the review of the game to CHECKMATE GAMING, organizer. While waiting for verification, while comparing his play screen, the doubts to him seemed even more. As a result of verification, CHECKMATE GAMING discovered decisive evidence of cheat action and reported to IMSASUKEE.

100% решение проблемы с Vanguard!Valorant!НЕОБХОДИМ ПЕРЕЗАПУСК!Anti-cheat!УСТАНОВКА НЕ ЗАВЕРШЕНА!
It was a streaming broadcast with a web camera that was trying to decide Kenji’s fraud. “He used” box “that ILUHVLY, who confirmed the image first,” he used box “! The confused IMSASUKEE also had a clip videos sent from CHECKMATE GAMING, and there was a state of Mr. Kenji who used “box”. The actual state can also be confirmed from the clip videos that IMSASUKEE tweeted (Kenji itself’s own delivery video and delivery channels have been deleted).

The problem that has become a problem is to detect the opponent opponent of the wall, called a wall hack. It is possible to grasp as well as the timing when the other party jumps out here as well as the match, so it can be a simple and very violent cheat. In the video Kenji, Kenji seems to have used a cheat tool that checks the other’s position with a box (white rectangular line). The fact that the crisis consciousness that should not be reflected during delivery, the more the crisis consciousness was distributed at the time of delivery, the better the use of the cheat tool. By the way, at the end of the clip video, even with a wall hack, he was able to shoot against the other party.

Proof of Aho-sama Cheat Act, where the web camera projected. Naturally, CHECKMATE GAMING decided to ban the ban on Kenji from the sponsored competition. According to the PcGamer, he also participated in the past tournament hosted by CHECKMATE GAMING, and it is not clear whether or not a fraudulent act was held in all games, but it is about 4,000 in the second half of 2020 years It seems that we had won dollar prizes.

Also, punishment to Mr. Kenji is not only the only. College Cod Reague, a university league he had participated, also announced Kenji’s permanent ban on the official Discord server. At the same time, it has been announced that four players representing the Grand Canyon University, which were his teammates, will be disqualified from the remaining season of this year and the first league next year.

Not only the “Call of Duty” series, but also a cheat problem that keeps bothering the entire FPS game. Ricochet Anti-cheat, even if the game side has launched a powerful cheat system, cheat tool developers are looking for a way to break through it by all means, and it seems that it will be a good idea. As a result, as this time, there is a player that gains a prize using the cheat tool at the tournament. Still, in the Cheat Countermeasures in COD, various unique efforts have been made, such as “Damage Shield”, which is weakened by the attack of cheat tool users, and has achieved a certain result. In addition, “Call of Duty: Warzone” has also been revealed to be renewed to the new engine with the new engine (related articles). I would like to strongly expect the future evolution of Ricochet for eradication of cheat tool.

Wild rift

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 se retrBreatha hBreathta 2023

The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will not be ready until spring 2023. He hBreath announced by surprise in a video starring Eiji Aonuma, the producer of the saga. It wBreath expected that the title would go on sale in Nintendo Switch throughout this year of 2022, but developers need more time to materialize their creative vision. At the moment, they have not revealed their definitive title either.

“I have an update on the date of the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” Aonuma commented on the video. “We previously mention that the goal wBreath to launch it in 2022. However, we have decided to extend the development a little more and change the date to spring of 2023″. That is, we will have to wait at leBreatht until the month of April next year.

“A special experience”

The producer hBreath apologized to this situation and recalled that the game will developed both in the field and in the heavens of Hyrule . It will include new mechanics and functionalities , although it will also rescue many of the elements of the previous delivery. “In order to make this game a special experience, the entire team will continue to work diligently in the development of this product, so pleBreathe, wait a little more.” In February 2021, Nintendo said that the development marched “well”.

Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 Delay Analysis!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 is the only game of the saga announced at this time. For the 35th anniversary of the series, which took place in 2021, the Japanese company linked an adaptation of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword , title originally marketed in Wii. They implemented graphic and performance improvements, adapted controls and quality improvements.

One of the most anticipated titles that the light hBreath not yet seen is Metroid Prime 4, whose development returned to Retro Studios after the restart of production.

German U19 misses EM again

UEFA U19 Championship: Scotland - Israel (29.03.2022, stream)
The German U19 national team has missed the EM participation for the third time in a row. The team of DFB coach Hannes Wolf defeated Finland in Helsinki 0: 1 (0: 1) and thus closed the group 5 in the second EM qualifying round with two points behind group winner Italy (7), Belgium (4) and Finland ( 3) on the last place. The German U19 had still brought the title with players such as Joshua Kimmich, Julian Brandt and Davie Selke, but after 2017 but no longer qualifies for a final round.

Achestra Meron Mercus Humanoid Robot Prototype,

Meron Maclon said that the production of Humanoid Robot ‘Optimus’ equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) by the end of next year.

US Economic Paper Fortune reported that the Meron Mem Meron said on the 28th (local time) that he said through interview with the German media ‘belt canceremia’.

He said, “It will be good for the concept of concept by the end of December next year,” he said he would be ready to produce Optimus by the end of next year.

The musk said, “Humanoid robot comes. See Boston Dai My Mix. They are making a better model every year, “he added.

Last January, Musk was the most important to Tesla, as the Tesla product roadmap update site, and it was not a full autonomous (FSD) completion and Humanoid Robot Optimus development, not the automotive development. Fortune analyzed that Tesla has been in the process of being in the process of registering to the artificial intelligence (AI) company in the current automobile manufacturer.

Elon Musk REVEALS Tesla Bot (full presentation)
The Humanoid Robot, the first August, the first August, the AI ​​technology, which is used in Tesla’s AutoTopilut software and hardware, and the height of about 172 cm and weight is about 57 kg and it will be made of light material.

However, Fortune spent doubt that AI (AI) Division (AI) division (AI) division (AI) division (AI) andRej Karpathy (Andrej Karpathy) spent the doubt that he had left a holiday vacation in the last four months.

It is because Tesla does not even understand that the total officer empties a long time for a long time at the time of Tesla has advanced and conducting Humanoid Robot development.

In addition, there was a day that Doug Field Tesla Hardware Development Vice President, who left vacations for the past rechargement, has ever been to the Apple. Currently, the Doug Field is responsible for electrical vehicle operational engineering.

Currently, Kapa-shi appears to be the intent to return to Tesla.

However, the media for Tesla executives is higher than other companies, so investors are sending concerns that they are sending concerns.

Matthäus sees DFB team on a good way

Adidas DFB Kampagne - See the inception
Record National Player Lothar Matthäus sees the German national team with a view of the World Cup in Qatar (21 November to 18 December) on a good way. “What the team has shown in the eight previous games was really wonderful,” wrote Matthew in his SKY-Kolumnne. The game against Israel also showed “that team spirit, cohesion, fun and joy, but also the footballing idea and quality are on a really good level.” Articles and videos about the topic * DFB training in front of the Netherlands against Germany * Matthew expects Hummels-Comeback * Top sport live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly. The 2-0 success against Israel last Saturday in Sinsheim was for Hansi Flick the eighth victory in the eighth game as a national coach. On Tuesday evening (20.45 in the Liveticker), the four-time world champion in Amsterdam denies a hardness test against the archrival Netherlands.

Lake Lazy de Fortnite could be sentenced after the recent update

A new arrival in Lazy Lake could be a sign that a catastrophe is on their way to the peaceful city. No sweat insurance, considered by many as Fortnite’s genuine before-runner sign of misfortune, has just opened an office there, which is not at all a good thing if you know your Fortnite story.

No sweat insurance arrived in the first Fortnite during Chapter 1. After the inclined tower had undergone many accidents and disasters, No Sweatshirt Insurance has arrived to provide full coverage against destruction to local businesses.

When a neighboring volcano broke out, the inclined towers were demolished, each building being completely destroyed except 1. It seemed like the only building to which no sweat insurance could guarantee security was theirs because he was proud and high in the middle of the wreck.

No sweat insurance would disappear when the black hole aspired the whole world Fortnite in the void, before scrolling chapter 2. The fact that the insurance against sweat is finally back is one of the biggest signs of a new Disaster, and it is very regrettable for Lazy Lake that the city is the new building that seems to condemn everything.

To worsen things, signs no sweat insurance started to appear on the whole card, which means almost everywhere is currently threatened. Although the end of the season could be delayed until June 4, there are many evidence that something very serious will happen on the island.

Sweating TOO HARD in Creative Fill (gets toxic)

The good news is that the company just moved into its new office and has not yet managed to make it work properly. There should therefore be a few weeks of normality before the disaster declares itself.