Special joke at Jako

The topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in Germany, Europe and around the world! How do we deal with the limited resources on our planet? How do we produce sustainable goods and services? How do we use our fellow human beings and our environment? Questions that we have to deal with in the small circle. Also as a club we are in the responsibility. Our supplier Jako therefore calls under the motto “Our Team For A Better World” together with nine partner clubs – including the SC Prussia Münster – the Sustainability Game Day, which is implemented with us around the home game against Fortuna Cologne. Because sustainability is teamwork!

Since the start of the season, SC Prussia runs away from the red “jersey World”, which consists of 100% recycled textiles. At the Sustainability Game Day against Fortuna, the SC Prussia runs in such a sustainably produced jersey, but not in red but in dark gray.

100 of these special and strongly limited jerseys can then be acquired on the game day in the stadium, 20% of the proceeds go to a charitative purpose that our fans can determine themselves. The original player jerseys of this day are then highly auctioned. Of this, 100% of the proceeds go to sustainable projects.

Which projects did our donation earn especially? Who is committed to sustainable projects? Send your suggestions to [email protected] and a jury selects a winner from your suggestions.

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