Werner in front of the Heidenheim

Werder Bremen stands on Saturday evening (20.30 clock, live! At Werner) the tricky away task at FC Heidenheim before. Does the success line last?

Kante doesn’t trust Werner in front of the goal ????
28 points from ten games, Ole Werner’s balance sheet since its service on the Weser is more than impressive. With the success series, the jump to the top of the table – and is after the Werder coach, should of course stay that way. Werner is aware of that a performance increase after an increase in performance in the second round against Dresden (2: 1) is aware.

But the successes have been wanderers breast wider, not only the most recent series, but also the balance in the stranger (8/2/3), which is the best in the 2nd league, contributed. No team swatter into the hands when Bremen come, white Werner, who expects a running-intensive, physically exhausting and tight game. After all, the Swabia are also one of the best home teams (7/4/1) this season. “Could be exciting,” said the SVW coach on the Game Day Press Conference on Thursday.

We are the best example of what can do in nine games.

Ole Werner

Maybe that maybe the last chance for Heidenheim – with 39 points whose nine behind the Bremen – to intervene again in the rise race? “That must rate the FCH for themselves. We are the best example of what can do in nine games,” said Werner, which is optimistic to continue their own performance series. For the 33-year-old is clear: “If we bring in our qualities and retrieve performance, we are hard to beat and can also win in Heidenheim.”

Of course, it would be helpful if again on the fire-threatening storm duo Niclas Füllkrug (13 goals) and Marvin Ducksch (15) would be ranking. The two had been reliably hit, Werner was pleased. In fact, the scorer has achieved the last eight hits for the green-whites. But in the end, it does not matter who the goals shoot: “If we win the games, all of them have their share.”

Werner whether the rumors about ducksch unimpressed

Speaking of Ducksch: Recent speculation about a distance of the striker after the season Werner could not distract. One focuses on this and now, there is always rumors and be a normal running of things, but no storm theme. Of course, such issues accumulate if you bring a good season games and a player’s good performance.

A bad sign would be if never anything about a Werder player would never be written. “That would mean we sailing as a gray mouse through the league. And we do not do that.”

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