Pokemon Center in Karmesin and Purple look like petrol stations and that could mean

Maybe we can ride in Pokémon Karmesin and Purple not only in the cities on our Pokémon, but maybe expect a …

For a good week we know that Pokémon Karmesin and Purpur appear again this year. Since the announcement, fans already take the trailer to the gene 9 game and discover some small but fine details. For example, it looks like the Pokémon Center in the next part as petrol stations. What in turn could bring some cool changes with them when the theories are right.

Pokémon Karmesin / Purple: Fans hope for change at Pokémon Centers

Poké petrol stations? In Pokémon Karmesin and Purple, there are apparently new Pokémon Center and the resembles at first glance very strong petrol stations. They can not admire themselves in the trailer in all their splendor, but spies on one or the other place behind other buildings or can be seen from afar. This looks like a very large modification of the previous look.

It might be called: that the Pokémon Center in Karmesin and Purple like petrol stations could make a whole series of advantages. Suitable for the Open World with your seamless transitions, we may also flow through the area in the villages with our Reit-Pokémon and do not have to walk. In addition, the new Pokémon Center may offer a kind of drive thru service.

Finally no loading times? In particular, the last point looks interesting, even if it is still speculation at the moment. But it could be good that in the future we no longer have to go to a Pokémon Center to heal our troop. If we could do that in passing on the petrol stations, the annoying loading times would be omitted when entering the building.

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Granted, a fundamental and profound change would not – but in any case an extremely welcome improvement. Exactly the same would apply, of course, if we are actually likely to use our riding Pokémon in the city.

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When will give 9? Pokémon Karmesin and Purpur have not yet an official and accurate release date. But they should appear at the end of this year. So it does not take for so long until it’s time. However, at least there could be a little disappointment for all those who hope for all Pokémon in the game.

What is you suspecting behind the potential new look of the Pokémon Center?

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