Aim for domestic RTA running person Iwobi, “RTA pro”. Spirit to make a living as a specialty

Domestic Spear Runner Univo announced on March 13th, our own future activity policy. He revealed the goal of aiming for RTA’s professional.

Iwobi INCREDIBLE MISS vs Everton

Mr. Laboru, a domestic speed runner. He has started activities from around 2015, and holds records in the “Zelda Legend” series. As a record in SPEEDRUN.COM at the time of writing this paper, we won the world’s first place in Glitchless / No Wrong Warp / All Masks / Any% / 100% and 5 categories at the 3DS version “Majora of the legendary Mujura of Zelda”. In addition to this “Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix”, it is active in various games, such as holding the world record in the console 60 fps, critical mode, unmajirl, and gold crown incorporated hand category.

Mr. Laboru delivers delivery on Youtube on March 13. He told the viewer of his future policy. Mr. Iwabi works on RTA from high school students, and he talks about half of his own life. He made a job hunting in 2021. Among them, he worked for IT companies and learning programming and leveraging RTA, and to work with the manufacturer, brushing English, and utilizing the delivery.

However, he judged that he is difficult to do RTA activities while becoming a member of society while retaining a plasticity that aims at the world record. He consulted with your family, and it was decided that we aimed to achieve life by RTA activities only. Currently, Mr. Thanks to his family, he lives with his family and his month’s revenue is about 50,000 yen to 100,000 yen. His future goals say that they live alone with distribution and video earnings or to belong to professional gaming teams as a goal. As a result, I am confident in the potential to accomplish as a professional from the experience of running the RTA of various games.

As a game that wants to work as RTA, “Zelda’s legendary tact HD” Any%, “Zelda’s legendary tact (Game Cube Version)” All Dungeons / Any%, “Zelda’s Legend Twilight Princess” Any%, “Jack × Daxter” NOLTS, “Ratchet & Crank 3 Assault! Galactic ☆ Rangers” NG + NOQE, “Ratchet & Crank Future” Any%, “Kingdom Hearts 2” Golder, “Super Mario 64” etc..

Overseas E-Sports Teams are not uncommon to belong to the spid runner, as well as Athlete in the match such as FPS and MOBA. As a representative example of the overseas team, Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) has MajinPhil, “Super Mario 64” Runer Cheese05, which runs “Majora of Zelda” and “Super Mario 64” runner Cheese05. On the other hand, there are not many cases of speed run (RTA) running in the domestic E-sports team. As a result, it seems that it would be enthusiasm to be pioneer so that domestic RTA runners can aim for a professional after themselves.

As a spectral runner, it can be said that it is not necessarily the only way to enter the professional team. Overseas, there are also players that earn income by acting as a speed runner and streamer. It can be said that his Firedragon764 of the Spy Dunner with Twitch and Partnership and his Distortion2, who has a sponsor contract of G Fuel with individuals, etc. Mr. Iwabi wants to fulfill the delivery and video content, and depending on the activity, it may be a future that spreads the width of active as a streamer as well as a streamer.

Iwarobu’s activities can be viewed from this channel.

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