Fut FIFA 22: How to complete the SBC Choice of player review of the year

We tell you how to complete the Template Creation Challenge (SBC) Choice of player review of the year at FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Add new items.

FIFA 22 hFut FIFA published a multitude of template challenges linked to Fut Birthday promotion. During this content framework we can find the so-called review player election of the year, which allows us to make us a footballer exclusively releFut FIFAed through SBC to the team of the year in this delivery. And since it could not be otherwise, the icons are not included. We tell you how to complete it.

SBC Fut FIFA 22: How to complete Player Choice Review of the Year

  • PT: Hrádecky, 83, Bayern Leverkusen
  • Ct: tadic, 84, ajax
  • CT: Ginter, 84, Borussia Monchengladbach
  • Li: Guerreiro, 84, Borussia Dortmund
  • LD: Iago Fut FIFAPFut FIFA, 88, Celtic de Vigo (Totw)
  • MC: Sergio Busquets, 86, FC Barcelona
  • MC: Fernando, 84, Sevilla FC

  • MC: Munian, 83, Athletic Club de Bilbao
  • EI: Lemar, 83, Atlético de Madrid
  • Ed: Fut FIFAensio, 83, Real Madrid
  • DC: Geard Moreno, 86, Villarreal

Year In Review Player Pick SBC Completed - Tips & Cheap Method - Fifa 22

We must emphFut FIFAize that the positions that we indicate correspond to which the template challenge requires. Do not be scared to see iago blades or tadic in the defense: are the links that add the total required to complete it.

The requirements of this SBC are the following:

  • At leFut FIFAt one team player of the week (Totw)
  • Average valuation of the minimum equipment: 85
  • Chemistry of the minimum equipment: 70
  • Number of players on the team: 11

According to this solution of the Futbin website, completing this SBC in PlayStation requires a cost of 95.250 coins , while on Xbox Fut FIFAcends up to 100,550 coins. The PC version is the one with the most expensive market of the three, with a total of 103,650 coins to make all the players indicated. If you have any in your club that can play some function, feel free to add it.

Remember that you have until March 17 at 7:00 p.m. (CET) to complete it. The choice of player will be among 3 players who will be distributed on the screen randomly.

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