Oneman is an intense spoil with sense of humor for iOS and Android

Oneman is a faster and entertaining fighter who produces titles like Hordes of Enemies and One Finger Death Punch. It is described as “nervous and yet uncomplicated” in which a random sense of humor is mixed with a little strange OTT action. With a simple control scheme and a low entrance barrier, you only have to react quickly to the fast approaching hostile hordes.

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The game comes from the Solo Developer Francis Entereso, who is responsible for Onemans “programming, art, design, animation, action, soundtrack, voice over, video production, website and all marketing materials”.

Under the surface there are some systems that give more experienced players extra depth. For example, you can switch to a Berserker status after you have reached a quick sequence of clicks. Special buttons are displayed at the edges of your screen, which give you invincibility in an invitation to you for 3 seconds and enable you to defeat as many clubs as possible in the given time.

Every playable character also has its own “super” kin and animations. This variant can be triggered if you reach a score of 1000. It’s a nice feature that represents a special reward for those who are skilled enough to meet such a large number.

For February, a comprehensive update is planned, which optimizes some of the existing mechanics and add further rewards in the game. However, the biggest draw are definitely the characters incurred after the start. There are currently 3 new fighters in work, probably all with their own, super skins and animations.

Oneman is currently available as a free title with ad and iaps from both AppStore and Google Play. It is worthwhile to find out if you are a fan of fast beat’em ups like the above-mentioned One Finger Death Punch.

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