Moon! It is the future! SF plenty! Adventure RPG “LUNARLUX” STEAM store page released

Lock M …… It seems that the battle with a teeth in the world drawn with a pretty dot.

Cosmicnobab Games has published the store page of SF Adventure RPG “ LUNARLUX ” to hand by itself at STeam.

The stage of this work is the future of the future, the protagonist Bella and the buddy robot Tetra, which became humanity to move to the moon. A hybrid battle system combined with “turn system” and “action” is a major feature, skill-upgrade, 30 unique support skills, combo, puzzles in the cyber world, customization of spacecraft, etc., search by jet pack, etc. Various other elements are incorporated.

All five chapter books are originally created in “ RPG Tsukool 2003 ” and delivered in the title “LUNARLUX Chapter 1”, but this time the development engine is switched to GameMaker Studio 2 and again It is recruited from one.

In addition, this work is compatible with English only (at the time of article writing), and the voice actor who plays the main character Bella is in charge of Lizzie Freeman. So far, “ Pokemon Masters ” “ Fire Emblem ” “ Laemon ” “ Dragalian Lost ” “ Sword Art Online ” “ Jojo It is a veteran who has been developing English version of the game and animation work such as a strange adventure “.

“LUNARLUX” scheduled for demo version delivery is scheduled to be distributed at STEAM for PC (Windows) for PC (Windows) at STEAM.

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