Masterpiece FPS Live-action drama is also delivered in Japan! “HALO” is U

In the United States, we also decided to manufacture seasons.

U-NEXT revealed that the drama series “ HALO ” based on the FPS series “ HALO ” is delivered from May 4.

This drama has more than 82 million in the world, and the total of $ 6 billion for the total series of sales, and the latest work “Halo Infinite” that is the latest work at the end of last year. series. In the United States, we have also decided to produce season 2.

Time series is the stage of the 26th century universe of the first “Halo: Combat Evolved”, and the unique story is expanded with humanity and Covenant’s fight and the appearance of the characters.

As a cast cast, the master chief role is the “First Man” Pablo Shrawber, Master Chief and Spartan’s Birth Parent Harusei Dr. Natasha Maker Horn, “Califold Nijo”, and Partner Ultra-High Activity AI Coltana. Is the same geng Taylor as the game.

Halo is important

Drama “HALO” scheduled to deliver exclusive viewing by U-NEXT 4K / Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos. All 9 episodes are scheduled and will be delivered every Wednesday at 0 o’clock.

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