Xbox Gift: Microsoft distributes roleplay

Microsoft gives away Sacred 2. (Image: THQ Nordic / Getty Images – Photosynthesis For Xbox players is worth looking into the …

For Xbox players just a look at the Microsoft Store is worthwhile. In the shallows of the online shop, the Group is giving away Straight Sacred 2 Falling Angel – a real role-playing classic for Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s. How long the action is still running, nobody knows – so rather suggests quickly.

Microsoft gives away Sacred 2 for the Xbox

Still looking for a suitable weekend-Zock? This time everyone is at his expense. Because not only Ubisoft has a free action for Far Cry 6 on running, Microsoft also has the donating pants.

In the Microsoft Store can get all the owners of an Xbox 360, Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S currently the RPD Sacred 2 Fallen Angel for Lauf backup . Not even an Xbox live gold membership or the like is needed for downloading the meanwhile 13 year old role play.

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel for free in the Microsoft Store

Who secures the role-playing game during the free action, can then download and play it at any time. How long Microsoft Sacred 2 offers free, is currently unknown . The action could be terminated at any time. So hurry, if you did not secure the game yet.

_Im trailer is there to see some render scene and see some gameplay: _

For whom is Sacred 2 worthwhile?

Sacred 2 caused mixtures for mixtures. The metascore is 71 points , the user score at least at 7.4 out of 10 possible meters (source: metacritic). A spectacular role-playing hit like Skyrim or The Witcher 3 should not expect XBox players .

However, if you can do something with action role games like Diablo, you’ll have fun with Sacred 2. Loten and levels is the motto! Snaps numerous opponents, improves your skills and skills and always look for new equipment, which makes you even more powerful and fits your game style.

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Sacred 2 Fallen Angel for free in the Microsoft Store

Anyone who has so far made such a hack & – Slash RPGs a wide arc, but also does not have a chance to give Sacred 2. For Xbox players, it is still worth looking by the store and to make the free game. Maybe your game flavor changes again over time.

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