Turbo Golf Racing: Arcade

Turbo Golf Racing combines multiplayer chaos with skill for a rapid arcade raceway, which also appears in the Game Pass.

Hogecalf Studios and Publisher Secret Fashion Announced Turbo Golf Racing, which celebrated his debut last night on the Future Games Show – Spring Showcase.

Turbo Golf Racing combines the chaos of a multiplayer race with the skill of golf and starts this spring into the beta phase.

The beta registration is now accessible to the public. Players can sign up about the official website or participate in the Xbox platforms via the Xbox Insider program.

Turbo Golf Racing is a rapid-style sports racing game in the arcade style for up to eight players, all of which can compete, who can pierce the fastest. The racers flip, glide and graze with their turbocharged cars over spiral fairways as they hit their oversized golf balls towards the target cup.

Paige Dolan, Greenlight Manager at Secret Fashion, said, “From the moment we saw Turbo Golf Racing for the first time, we were excited about the concept. Hogecalf Studios has created a rough multiplayer experience that is the same, and Turbo Golf Racing immediately became an integral part of our daily leisure games here in the bunker. We count the days until the whole world can cut off, with great anticipation. “

Turbo Golf Racing Features

  • Attend against your rivals: online multiplayer with eight players, matchmaking and cross-platform game between PC and Xbox platforms.

Turbo Golf Racing Announcement Trailer
* Monstrous adjustments: Numerous cosmetic options allow you to tune your vehicles with paintwork, rims, spoilers, shields, chassis and boosters worthy of a champion.
* Power Cores: Gives you an advantage over your rivals by unlocking and equipping your power cores that change the skills of your cars and unlock special skills such as Roll and Ground Stomp.
* Take to the skies: remains with your wheels on land or starts from the fairway, activates your wings and glides to victory.
* Coming Content: Regular free updates bring new courses, new power cores and new cosmetics.

Jonny Hughes, producer at Hugecalf Studios, expressed himself about the game as follows:

“Turbo Golf Racing is the game we always dreamed of. We are incredibly proud of Turbo Golf Racing and our plans for his future and can hardly expect the players to experience the start of the beta in this spring first-hand. “

Turbo Golf Racing will appear later in 2022 for PC, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and the Game Pass.

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