Kobayashi crowns with overall World Cup

At the end of a long winter, the German ski jumpers go out the strength. The overall World Cup victory of Ryoyu Kobayashi can no longer endanger Karl Geiger. An earlier German world-class springer announces his career end.

Karl Geiger belonged to the first congratulations of Champion Ryoyu Kobayashi after the remained ski jump miracle. The Oberstdorfer has ended an intensive and exciting season with the 16th place in the Slovenian ski flight festival in Planica and missed the first German total World Cup victory for seven years. Geiger could no longer challenge the Japanese Kobayashi, who crowned for the second time the best Springer of Winter, at the graduation weekend. As Kobayashis Triumph Festand, Geiger hurried in the sun-flooded outlet to his competitors and congratulated him fairly.

The entire German team went to the grand finale for spring-like temperatures and privately enforced party audience. With the fight for the victory, which the Norwegian Marius Lindvik secured with impressive flights in front of the Japanese Yukiya Sato and the Slovenian Peter Prevc, the team of national coach Stefan Horngacher had nothing to do on the day of the resignation from the previous German overall winner Severin friend nothing to do. Horngacher saw the degree with a view of the entire season with a “smile and a crying eye”.

On the huge complex in the valley of the shades, the Germans did not do well right from the start. In the team competition on Saturday, the German quartet occupied the fifth place at the sovereign victory of the hosts. In Ziga Jelar, a Slovene also secured the title in the ski flight World Cup.

Geiger flew on Sunday 225 and 242 meters wide. The last furious sentence let him cheer him again and go with a good feeling in the pause. To overtake Kobayashi, violinists would have to win, and the Japanese – the eighth would not have come under the best 20.

The eagle of the German Ski Association (DSV) experienced a good but not outstanding season. With four World Cup victories in the individual and numerous other strong results, Geiger was the most successful German Springer of Winter and showed a high constancy. What was missing was the big title.

Rank three in nation rating

At the ski flight World Cup there was silver for the team. In the Olympic Winter Games, the team and violinists in the single bronze – especially violinists had hoped for more. In a season with numerous highlights, the 29-year-old missed a great goal around the turn of the year: On the first four-heeled winners since Sven Hannawald 2002 Germany has to wait. There were three ranking in the nation sales.

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Geiger spoke of a “great” and “exhausting” season. “It was sauteed this year. But it was still one in front of me. That’s why we should never stand. It would never be nice if you could win that sometime sometime,” he said with respect to the overall World Cup.

Friend: “I had really nice years”

For particularly emotional moments, friend made upright. The down-to-earth and always polite Bayer said goodbye to the last competition of his long and successful career with flights to 190.5 and 215 meters. This was enough to accommodate 28. After his final flight, the German caregivers moved their caps and wore friend on his shoulders. “I had really nice years and have allowed to gain many valuable experiences,” said the 33-year-old. Horngacher stated: “Severin leaves a sporty and human a great gap in the national team.”

Friend won the team with the team at the 2014 Olympic Games and was allowed to look forward to a total of eleven medals in ski jumping and airfelt championships. After several injuries, he could no longer build his former level in recent years. “He will be missing us. That’s a pity,” Geiger said in the ARD.

All results and the last skif dry in the ticker…

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