“GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO” “built-in convenience store” is great! Not only the appearance but also in-store announcements

“Ghostwire: TOKYO” is great to create the city! In particular, a convenience store has a lot of attraction points.

A variety of monsters were fought on the stage of Shibuya, which is disappeared “Ghostwire: Tokyo” was finally released.

Especially in this work is “creation of the city”. Many convenience stores are pretty built…!

# ◆ Products of convenience stores are created one by one!

There seems to be several types of convenience stores in this work, and we have confirmed “Fujiya Mart” and “Daily Ninja” **. It is a store name that you have seen somewhere.

You can walk in the store, and you can also observe the ordered products. Candy, coupler Men, snack confectionery, etc. Moreover, there are plenty of hammas, such as “Yakuza Lift” **.

“The Supra Mi Chips Tsushika” is also quite concerned. As it is UMA chips, maybe various unconfirmed organism flavors are released…?

Prepaid card is also placed. It seems that there is also a card with the Tango Gameworks, a development team.

Even in the world of “Ghostwire: Tokyo” Mask demand is expired. Meanwhile, the bathing agent on the right side “Singy soup” seems to be sold so much. It seems to be difficult to think.

Toothpaste and detergents are also fulfilled. It is also detailed that the price tag is also one.

Drinks are also fulfilling! Tea, energy drink links, “Wako cola” containing anko, etc. It is also a product that feels Dejavu, saying “Naoichi Ochan” .

Of course, lunch boxes are also sold. It is unusual as a convenience store that half price seal is.

As humans are disappearing, the store number is in charge of cats or . Mushiro It may be better than the clerk.

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