New Kingdom Hearts seam: Thats how the journey could continue

For the 20th anniversary there is much to speculate. (Image: Square Enix / Disney / Getty Images – Khosrork) Kingdom Hearts celebrates on March 28th …

Kingdom Hearts celebrates his 20th birthday on March 28th. With the JRPG Square Enix 2002 created a colorful mix of Disney, Final Fantasy and a lot of kitsch – and thus conquered player hearts around the world in the storm. The Spielerehe has already over ten games on the hump and an end is still far away. So what do you expect in the next game? Will Kingdom Hearts 4? Will it be an intermediate part? These are the thoughts of a modest Kingdom Hearts fans.

For all KH laity: Yes, it’s worth to enter now!

Kingdom Hearts is a game series that started as a fairytale history about friendship, but gradually in a confused confused, consisting of time travel, replicas and confused names. With every new game, a question was answered and seven new questions were raised. The fact that the many spin-off games for the main story are essential **, but at the same time appeared on different handheld consoles, caused a fieses chaos. A chaos that had to be eliminated with several HD collections with unnecessarily confusing titles on PC and consoles.

And even if the first paragraph may sound deterrent, I can say to any KH novices: now the best time is to follow the series! For Square Enix has already announced the second phase of Kingdom Hearts – the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) greetings.

With the DLC Remind for Kingdom Hearts 3, the two mobile games Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] and Dark Road and the rhythm match Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory you have ushered in the next big saga. So far, however, you can say in summary: All searches for a way to save Sora. The protagonist of the main parts is caught in a novel world called Quadratum. Kingdom Hearts just.

With the next game, the new main story comes certainly right. But what do you expect? I think before Kingdom Hearts 4 happens something completely different .

Before Kingdom Hearts 4: So many possibilities

The graphic from the “Kingdom Hearts 2020” trailer shows next to three enclosed KH games still two empty fields, which are probably open on two more games . In addition, you can see five small boxes on the picture, which are also empty and possibly placeholders are for less relevant KH projects.

My Theory: Kingdom Hearts 4 ends Phase 2 , which means that there is still an important game in making. But what will it go in it?

In order to be able to answer a reply, it is first to answer another question: What will Kingdom Hearts 4 act? That will give everything to make sense, honest!

While Kingdom Hearts 3 and most games with the secret message “reconnect. Kingdom Hearts “ends in the KH games of the second phase the message” to Oath to Return “at the end. The old embassy aims to combine the various figures from all spin-off parts in the big final and fighting to Sora’s side.

The new probably plays on the promise that Sora gives his girlfriend Kairi in the first Kingdom Hearts, to bring back their lucky charm. The resulting keycharse is also called OathKeeper in English. Kingdom Hearts 4 will therefore act from Sora’s return. Probably his friend will have to help Ricu, who will find a way to this other world at the end of Melody of Memory.

The other Kingdom-Hearts game could devote itself to one of the other keychart carriers **. Possible actions would be:

  • Mickey mouse is looking for information about Squatum in the sky city Scala Ad Caelum.
  • The trio of Birth by Sleep is looking for a way to save Sora in the realm of darkness.
  • Kairi continues her workout and is trained by Aqua.
  • Yozora is looking for clues about a missing girlfriend in Squatum.

My Reluctant Journey Through Kingdom Hearts

So there are still a few loose ends, which could take up an intermediate part, before then appears in the non-very distant future Kingdom Hearts 4. Personally, I would like to see more of Scala Ad Caelum or follow Yozora on a mission by square. It would not be surprising when Square Enix is ​​the concept of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance tackles and playing different characters alternately playing .

New Kingdom Hearts: When do we know more?

Although Kingdom Hearts celebrates his 20th birthday on March 28, the anniversary ceremony takes place in the form of an event with a concert, a Q & A round and much more on April 10 – so 13 days later. KH fans know what enormous meaning this number has and that nothing, nothing happens, from coincidence. In addition is quadratum on Shibuya, Tokyo – but the well-known Shibuya shopping center 109 in the KH-Universe forms the number 104… wait for a moment! 10.4., So April 10?

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