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Cheetah of “Call of Duty: Vanguard”, an evidence image that does not have a cheat, and the cheat is barred. In an informal convention

At the non-official convention performed by “ Call of Duty: Vanguard ” (hereinafter referred to as Cod: Vanguard), a player who has been suspended by the cheat will prove it in an unexpected manner. was there. Although the player was expelled from the competition scene, it is expected to have won a total of about 4,000 dollars (approximately 48 million yen) prizes in the second half of 2020 years. Overseas Media PCGamer etc. convey.

Activision has introduced a cheat system system “Ricochet Anti-CHEAT” towards the Call of Duty series from November last year. In addition to cheat detection using a PC kernel level driver, the system is a system that suppresses a comprehensive and strongly cheat such as strengthening monitoring on the server side. RICOCHET occurs because of “COD: VANGUARD”, basic play free Batroi work “Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific” has also been currently running, and it was also announced that it has achieved a certain result (related articles).

Nevertheless, participants who have been suspected of using cheat tools will make their own cheat acts too clear rice field. The problem occurred is an unofficial tournament of 2V2 search & destroy sponsored by CHECKMATE GAMING. At the same tournament, ILUHVLY, who defeated Kenji’s team of Streamer. They asked Kenji’s gameplay suspicious and requested the review of the game to CHECKMATE GAMING, organizer. While waiting for verification, while comparing his play screen, the doubts to him seemed even more. As a result of verification, CHECKMATE GAMING discovered decisive evidence of cheat action and reported to IMSASUKEE.

100% решение проблемы с Vanguard!Valorant!НЕОБХОДИМ ПЕРЕЗАПУСК!Anti-cheat!УСТАНОВКА НЕ ЗАВЕРШЕНА!
It was a streaming broadcast with a web camera that was trying to decide Kenji’s fraud. “He used” box “that ILUHVLY, who confirmed the image first,” he used box “! The confused IMSASUKEE also had a clip videos sent from CHECKMATE GAMING, and there was a state of Mr. Kenji who used “box”. The actual state can also be confirmed from the clip videos that IMSASUKEE tweeted (Kenji itself’s own delivery video and delivery channels have been deleted).

The problem that has become a problem is to detect the opponent opponent of the wall, called a wall hack. It is possible to grasp as well as the timing when the other party jumps out here as well as the match, so it can be a simple and very violent cheat. In the video Kenji, Kenji seems to have used a cheat tool that checks the other’s position with a box (white rectangular line). The fact that the crisis consciousness that should not be reflected during delivery, the more the crisis consciousness was distributed at the time of delivery, the better the use of the cheat tool. By the way, at the end of the clip video, even with a wall hack, he was able to shoot against the other party.

Proof of Aho-sama Cheat Act, where the web camera projected. Naturally, CHECKMATE GAMING decided to ban the ban on Kenji from the sponsored competition. According to the PcGamer, he also participated in the past tournament hosted by CHECKMATE GAMING, and it is not clear whether or not a fraudulent act was held in all games, but it is about 4,000 in the second half of 2020 years It seems that we had won dollar prizes.

Also, punishment to Mr. Kenji is not only the only. College Cod Reague, a university league he had participated, also announced Kenji’s permanent ban on the official Discord server. At the same time, it has been announced that four players representing the Grand Canyon University, which were his teammates, will be disqualified from the remaining season of this year and the first league next year.

Not only the “Call of Duty” series, but also a cheat problem that keeps bothering the entire FPS game. Ricochet Anti-cheat, even if the game side has launched a powerful cheat system, cheat tool developers are looking for a way to break through it by all means, and it seems that it will be a good idea. As a result, as this time, there is a player that gains a prize using the cheat tool at the tournament. Still, in the Cheat Countermeasures in COD, various unique efforts have been made, such as “Damage Shield”, which is weakened by the attack of cheat tool users, and has achieved a certain result. In addition, “Call of Duty: Warzone” has also been revealed to be renewed to the new engine with the new engine (related articles). I would like to strongly expect the future evolution of Ricochet for eradication of cheat tool.

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