Will Smiths slap at the Oscars: Now Chris Rock

Chris Rock expresses itself on his stand-up appearance for the first time to the slap of Will Smith on the Oscars 2022.

This year’s Oscars will probably take in the history books, but not, because the films or actors were so exceptional, but because the first time was beaten on stage . The actor wants Smith’s eartuffed the presenter and comedian Chris Rock, after this made a joke over Smith’s Jada Pinkett Smith. The exact backgrounds, what happened after the slap and what Smith himself has to say to the incident, read in a separate article. For the first time, the victim Chris Rock has expressed itself to the incident on the Oscars 2022.

What has Chris Rock to say to the slap on the Oscars 2022?

In his stand-up appearance after the Oscars Chris Rock spoke for the first time above the incident, already in advance was known that he will not be reported **: _ “I have no heap of shit about the [to tell], what happened, prepared, you should have come to hear that, but I have a whole show I wrote before the [Oscar] weekend, “said Rock, according to Variety during his performance.

Page 1. This has Chris Rock over the slap of Will Smith on the Oscars 2022 to say

Page 2. Will Smith was asked to leave the Oscars 2022 and refused

Page 3. Picture gallery too “Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars: Now Chris Rock”

Will Smith SLAPS Chris Rock at Oscars 2022
_ “I’m still involved in what happened. But at some point I will talk about this crap. And it will be serious and funny”, _ He finishes his statement about the science. Lest on page 2 , why Smith wants to miss almost the award of his Oscars. In addition to the two parties, Rock and Smith, the Academy also expressed the incident. There are still possible consequences for Will Smith in the room.

Will Smith was asked to leave Oscars 2022 and refused

According to a People’s report, the Situation Backstage was initially very opaque and you could not agree on how to handle it, first you even thought of the possibility that it could be a planned social media stunt . But he was obviously not so – why that’s clear now, you will learn Page 2 !

Page 1 This has Chris Rock about the slap of Will Smith to say to the Oscars 2022

Page 2 Will Smith was asked to leave Oscars 2022 and refused

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