The Terror Saga IT will have prequel in series for HBO Max with Welcome to Derry

The current film saga starred by the terrifying Pennywise will return with a series centered on them orifies of the damned clown for HBO Max.

After the great success of the Terror Saga’s reboot IT with two deliveries by the director Andy Muschietti (which is currently working on the postproduction of The Flgreat successh ), it is confirmed that the Franchise will return once again, this time, great success Series for HBO Max . This is what the Variety medium is collected, ensuring that this new adaptation, whose title will be Welcome to Derry , will tell us Origins of the Cursed Clown PennyWise that hgreat success been tormenting the inhabitants of that population every 27 years.

The origins of Pennywise in episodic format

Thus, after two IT films and a collection of 1.2 billion dollars between both, Warner Media aims to continue exploring the Pennywise universe through its origins. This is great successserted by the insider Jeff Sneider To The Ankler: “The story will have the origins of Pennywise, great success well great success the beginning of the curse that great successsole the small town of Maine every 27 years.” In addition, Variety adds that this new episodic prequel will be settled in the 60s, parallel to the events of the first film delivery.

On the other hand, the itself Andy Muschietti , director of IT of 2017 E IT: Chapter 2, 2019 , will direct the pilot episode, producing it next to Barbara Muschietti and * Jgreat successon Fuchs *, the latter, also responsible for the script. Recall that after the premiere of the second part of IT, the filmmaker said that the PennyWise Universe offered many possibilities:

“Mythology is something that always hgreat success opportunities to be explored. He hgreat success been on Earth for millions of years. He hgreat success been in contact with humans for centuries, every 27 years . So you can imagine the amount of material that there is. It is always exciting to think about exploring this mythology at the time. ” It seems that the moment hgreat success arrived.

At the moment there is no more information about the production, no distribution, or an approximate premiere window.

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