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The Vice President of Funko Games, Deirdre Cross, analyzes the narrative approach of Jurassic World: The Legacy of Nublar Isla

Jurassic World: The Legacy of Isla Nublar offers an incredibly rich and varied experience for franchise fanatics, as well as for

Jurassic World: The Legacy of Island Nublar offers an incredibly rich and varied experience for franchise fanatics, as well as for the new games, and the good news is that the game is fully funded and has exceeded its initial goal of Kickstarter of $ 100,000. However, if you have been undecided, we have a conversation that could help you decide if the game is for you, since had the opportunity to talk to Funko Games’ vice president, Deirdre Cross, about the game., including the way it covers the famous franchise, which fans can expect from the game and what led Funko Games to jump to the genus Legacy.

First, I wanted to talk a little about the legacy aspect of the game and what led Funko Games to jump into the genre, and it is something that has been in the planning stages for quite some time. “I think that for us, we are all in Prospero Hall and Funko Games, great fans of Legacy Gaming, so we all play those games with our friends and our families and it is something we have been going around for a long time.”, “Cruz said.

“Why did he take so long? Well, as you know, the games take a long time to be created in general and a legacy game, we work on it for many years, but it is great to be part of funko, and I want to say, as you can see in this incredible store, it’s like, you want to do Something that really celebrates your hobby and what you love. Let’s go for it, let’s make this happen, and it was really a moment as a blur and new account, just see that, “Cross said.

Funko Games has a series of beloved franchises under his umbrella, which now includes Jurassic World, and in all those cases and proposals for future franchises, it is key to creating a story that fits into the world and capture what is so magical about that franchise.

“Well, as we were thinking about making a legacy game, you need a story that is really great. Because we really try to tell the story of any fandom that we are doing, either Panam, or if that is back to the future, or if it is Jurassic World, the whole universe of Jurassic World, is the scale of the thing because Jurassic World, in Reality covers decades of content, right? 30, 40 years, if you go to the beginning of Hammond Park, and thus have the depth to take us through huge 12 adventures, “Cross said.

Like the previous work of it at The Goonies Board Game, Jurassic World works on the original narration and the original characters in the mix, and it is an act of balance to find out how much new content should be included compared to closely recreated the property.

“Yes. I think it’s a dance we do with each property that we tried to find out how much it develops at the table while playing, “Cross said. “And how much there is a heartbeat for the movie or history. And that’s how I said, it’s a dance and it depends on the property. And what kind of other materials are there around that fandom too ».

Now, it can hope that the biggest challenge is something related to the development of Jurassic World’s gameplay or the creation of all the components, and although they certainly presented their own obstacles, just getting a game to reach the goal during the pandemic is a game victory. in itself.

“I would say that the biggest challenge was to have a pandemic in the midst of development. You could imagine that this is a small problem in which we are all like, here we go and we are starting with Universal and it is like, Womp, Womp, Womp, everyone goes home. It’s like, oh my God, and how to pivot all our development, our game tests, our manufacture. How do you do all this from that new environment? And I think for us, that was the biggest challenge, but overcome it, discover how to do things differently. Like so many others have had to do during this time. I could have done it even better for that, “Cross said.

You can check our complete review of Jurassic World: The Legacy of Island Cloud right here, and if you want more information about the game, you can go to the official Kickstarter page here.

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