LOL: The funny requirement of JANKOS for G2 ESPORTS to win the MSI in case of qualifying

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In case of Victoria, we imagine that League of Legends’ roster will be entitled to a small bonus … JANKOS has already let know that he has a

League of Legends is a game that is played with the skill, but also with the mind. The latter is even more true for the professional players of the LEC than from the beginning of the playoffs they should shine during the BO5. We could see it especially at the Fnatic vs Rogue match last week, where the orange and black structure cracked completely unexpectedly. As it won 2-0, he suffered the fury of his opponent to grant a Sweep_ as impressive as important as important. We imagine that mentally, a defeat thus hurts a lot.

Speaking of mentality, ollote would do well to motivate the troops of him. G2 ESPORTS is still in dispute and will try to continue the return of it in the looser bracket and the jungle of it sent a short message during one of its direct. In case of victory and classification for the MSI that will take place this year in Korea, JANKOS has a “small” requirement. Sincerely, the veteran can well go crazy in case of Victoria, especially because we were very far from the demands we can see in football with a player like Neymar in the PSG.


We imagine that JANKOS is totally focused on the next European classic . G2 ESPORTS will face FNATIC during these playoffs and this time it will be the end in case of defeat. The first confrontation had gone badly for Polish, who had been totally helpless during the first round (1-3 defeat). But since then, the dynamics may have been reversed and the Samurai team remains in two master classes against Vitality (3-0) and Misfits (3-0).

G2 Jankos On Korean Teams Refusing To Scrim Western Teams For MSI!!
In any case, the veteran already thinks about victory and in a possible participation in the MSI. There are no taboos in G2 and players talk every day of the tournament, which will take place this year at South Korea . And if that dream comes true, Jankos has a very specific request for ocelote , the chief of the whole team: he wants to travel in the best class as possible and make the most of the comfort of him.

The promises only unite those who believe in them, but the jungle affirms that if he travels in first class, he will be able to bring a new international trophy to Europe. Obviously, this perspective is a bit a smile, especially when you look at the strength shown by South Korea and T1 this year. We will also have to trust the Chinese in case they are finally traveling or not. But Jankos still deserves some credit… He knows the recipe to win the msi since he raised the cup in 2019 .

If Ocelote refuses, Jankos has a dissuasive weapon

JANKOS is excited about the trip of it in first class to South Korea. It must be said that to get to Busan there is a long way, so we also imagine that they will surely have to go through Seoul and the Incheon airport before heading to the south and Gimhae Airport.

And if he ever the head of him does not accept his request, the Polish has threatened to take out the secret weapon of him: Play Lee without. For those who do not have the reference, JANKOS drags the reputation of being an increasingly less mechanical player. Whether with the Nidalee spears or the sonic waves of the blind monk, the community likes to point out the deficiencies of it. We do not know if he really deserves it, but the jungle has fun with the situation and embraces this little rewarding image without complaining.

However, JANKOS and Lee without have already written big pages together. When we immersed ourselves in the player’s statistics, he is even the champion he has played most from the beginning of him. With 86 games and a Winrate of 58.1% , he does not have to be ashamed of his performance. On the other hand, we must recognize that in 2022 the story of love is less beautiful. The Polish disputed 5 matches with only one timid victory and a kda of 1.3.


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