Lol: the champion with the oldest game skills that has never received a rework

Read in Millenium: All League of Legends champions have received at least once the rework of some of its skills.
However, there is an exception of the most interesting to this great riot Games standard.

Riot Games constantly applies changes to League of Legends champions seeking to improve those who worse and worsen those who demonstrate to be too powerful. Mostly these settings consist of just changing a few statistics around and there to leave them ready. However, there are times when playable modifications of greater dimension are made, carrying out a complete playable _rework or at least a few skills. It is a situation that does not escape any character, but that as all norm has a great exception.

The oldest champion of League of Legends

There are barely champions in League of Legends who have not received great changes in at least one skill. Even recent releases like Zeri or Samira have been victims of this type of adjustments. However, Karthus still resists without having had outstanding modifications in its original kit. Although it was launched in 2009, the character has only suffered two small performance changes in their spells . The first came to the passive of him, who lost the ability to make him reappear, and the second affected the wall of his W (pain wall), which stopped reducing armor to the rivals.

Even considering these changes, we can not talk about great updates if not small cuts. A case very different from that of other characters of League of Legends who could compete with him for this record. They are good examples JAX or Teemo , the last two launch campus champions that have not received a complete visual and playable update. However, Jax did have a small playable rework in January 2012 and the words “new effect” are repeated too much in the historical change of the badger.

The other great candidate on which we even accept discussion about whether he deserved this title more than Karthus is Tryndamere . However, we have left it out of the discussion because it is if he received a great gameplay rework after the release of him. Although many players have forgotten or never knew, during their first two years in League of Legends he did not use fury as a resource, but that his skills cost life. It is true that the changes took place in 2011, but we believe that they are too significant.

In the absence of Reworks, what has received Karthus is one of the most interesting visual updates in the story of League of Legends . The champion not only modified the aspect of him to modernize and go more in line with the theme of him and that of the islands of the shadows, but it was a great example of how subtle the censorship can be. As in some regions of the world, the skirts can not be shown, the developer bet on a more spectral aspect that left this element aside.

In addition, there is another interesting situation. Even if he has never received great changes, Karthus has evolved naturally. When the game was released, it was played in the upper lane and the middle line, while their best positions are currently the lower area of the map and the jungle, a position to which it threatens to return thanks to the changes of the next 12.7 patch, That, as you could expect, they do not even resemble a REWORK.

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