E-Sport Association Schleswig

The northernmost part of Germany surfs the pioneering shaft.
The first official national championships in the Esport are aligned in July from the E-Sports Association Schleswig-Holstein (Evsh).

Since 2019, the state government in Schleswig-Holstein has been increasingly investing in the infrastructure of the escort. In 2019 alone, half a million euros flowed in the establishment of facilities on club level and the ‘Land Center for Esport and Digitization SH’ (Lez SH) in Kiel.

Now the Land E-Sport Association Schleswig-Holstein founded in June 2021 takes up his game operation. Accordingly, the first publicly funded Landeszentrum in Germany follows a renewed nationwide premiere.

Investment in the offspring

One Up National Grand Championships Day 1 ~ East Celebrity Elite Lady Steel
On July 3, 2022, the final of the first official national championships takes place as part of GameVervention in the Holstenhallen Neumünster, Schleswig-Holstein.

“After we were most importantly concerned with the establishment of our association structures and the preparatory work on the state election in Schleswig-Holstein, we now look forward to finally starting in the game operation,” said the project manager of the EVSH Land Championships Daniela Stahl.

20,000 euros of funding will provide the Interior Ministry of Schleswig-Holstein to carry out the event. Center Kristina Autumn refers to the “epitome of junior promotion” to support the country:

“With the national championships, the Esportlers and Esportlers Schleswig-Holstein’s three professionally organized tournaments are offered, so they can collect and grow first stage experience in their federal state.”

Three national champions wanted

You are looking for the national masters in FIFA 22, League of Legends (LOL) and Rocket League. For this, the qualification cups in LOL start on April 30th. Rocket League and FIFA 22 episodes on May 7 and May 15th.

Participation is intended for both clubs and single players from 14 years residing in Schleswig-Holstein. If the players belong to no college group or no club, the team must consist of two-thirds from Schleswig-Holstein players.

On the winning teams and playing will wait a weekend in the boot camp of Lez Sh in Kiel. Who wants to become one of the first Schleswig-Holstein national masters in FIFA 22, Rocket League or Lol, can register here for the tournaments.

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