Union against Cologne for the first time sold out for months

The 1st FC Union Berlin will be played on Friday against the 1st FC Cologne for the first time in the full stadium for the first time.

After a lot for Union members and the sale of a residual card statement, no longer has free places available, the club communicated.
All 22,012 tickets are awarded.
The game starts at 20.30 and is transferred through the streaming portal Dazn.

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On March 31, there are many Corona measures in Berlin, including audience restrictions on major events.
At 2-0 Derby victory against Hertha BSC on November 20 of last year, Union had been able to fully utilize his stadium.
Seasoning card holder, which can not be there on Friday night, now have the opportunity to provide their place on the ticket second market, it was said from the club.

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