LOL: The worst patch of history? Riot loses the course and fails big with two champions

Read at Millenium: The last patch of League of Legends will go down in history as one of the worst has introduced Riot Games.
The developer has passed from the line by introducing changes to Ryze and Zeri who have left them a ridiculous in Compare

The last patch of League of Legends has complied with the worst forecasts of the community. The changes announced by the developer pointed out that two characters would almost be impossible to play after the update, and thus have once been the Nerfs. Ryze and Zeri have become the two worst characters of the game. However, this negative situation is not truly striking. With a day since the arrival of the adjustments, they are also two of the most inefficient heroes in the history of the game .

The two worst champions of the story of League of Legends

How Riot's Juggernaut Patch Turned Worlds 2015 Upside Down

The 12.7 patch was marked by putting the bases for the next MSI 2022. A version centered on the competitive that tries to increase the range of viable champions for professionals and attacked some of its most used characters. Among them were Ryze and Zeri. Neither of them passed for a great time in qualifying games. However, Riot Games decided to carry out a reduction of superacity power in which both champions have become mere cartoons incapable of overcoming 44% victory rate .

If we talk about that this could be the worst patch of history is not only because of the fact that both champions have stayed in such a unfortunate situation, if not because there were no great reasons to load against them so hard . The great argument for both nerfs was the competitive presence of both characters. However, the error has been shown resounding. Although in the case of Zeri if a reduction of power was justified, Ryze’s statistics had naturally reduced as the teams realized that he was not a great champion.

The presence of Ryze in competitive had dropped to the second lower number of season , with 47% of elections or bathing on patch 12.6. In this way, nor was it approaching the Riot Games rules to apply balance adjustments, having been a justified decision of the developer that leaves itself worse that was already the champion with less performance of the game to which it seems that can only be Save a REWORK. As if that were not enough, its victory rate of it in competitive is also ridiculous , staying only at 47.7%.

In the case of Zeri the situation if it was more serious, since he had appeared as an election or bannery in an average of 99.25% of the items played in the last four patches. However, everything indicates that Riot Games wanted to be aggressive. Although Statistical retouching could have been enough To reduce this champion data, developers also wanted to fix the situation of it in the qualifying items playing the bulk of the League of Legends community. The problem is that it was already being solved alone: Zeri’s bathing rate was reduced by more than 6% during patch 12.6.

The only reason why we have questions about whether this is the worst patch of the story of League of Legends is by the severity of other past failures of the company. The joint rework to the colossos on the eve of the 2015 Worlds is a rival themeable. However, we are sure of one thing: it is the worst update that has ever been introduced since the modernization of Riot Games and its change of philosophy as to champion balance.

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