Enjoy what you can enjoy: Baumgart & Co. in the Derbyrausch

The Cologne also won the second derby of the season against Gladbach.
At the foals there was a 3: 1 velvet subsequent celebration with the casselior fans.
Steffen Baumgart wants to enjoy the moment, a whiskey at home is probably not.

After a very strong first half, the Cologne already led 3: 0. After the break, the “Effzeh” had a little, but the victory was never endangered. But right here, Baumgart also rose in its analysis. “The second half was not so consistent,” said the Cologne Coach at “Sky”. “In the first half we have played very well in the consequence in front of the gate. In the second half I have had the feeling that we have hedged a bit, which I did not like it.”

I Coached Clix in a Solo Cash Cup Finals

But of course this evening was complaining at a very high level. “In the end, you have to say that the guys are brave that they are clear. We did not recover undeserved,” Baumgart stated. “That was a horny mood, the second derby victory against Gladbach, it is not better,” said Anthony Modeste, who made a subsequent birthday gift with the 1-0 himself, on Thursday he became 34 years old.

The striker paved his team again the way to victory. The second derby victory of the season after the 4: 1 in the first leg, that was last in the season 1989/90. The Cologne celebrated extensively on the lawn with the casseline fans, now it continues. Are the Whiskey collector Baumgart at home then still a noble drop? “If I sit in the bus, I’m also flat and glad when I’m at home. I’ll sleep relatively quickly, I’ll enjoy the cabin now and the ride with the boys. In football you should enjoy what you can enjoy “So the coach.

Baumgart gives away his cap

Baumgart was even so good after Derby that he gave away his famous sliding hat. “I gave them to a fan. It is interesting that it was a Gladbach fan. Today, the boys were very fair for my coach bank, because I said to him, he likes to have the cap, just because he also like the game The patience had, “Baumgart explained.

Kainz: “We will attack”

With the threesome Cologne now pushed himself in six, Union and Hoffenheim can go by tomorrow but again. The newly defined goal of the FC is clear now: Europe! “We will attack, today made the first step. We have reformulated our goal, are very motivated. We still have interesting games, which we will take a positive way. Let’s see what comes out,” said Florian Kainz, who scored a goal, who scored a goal And a prepared.

And Mark Uth added to Europe: “We have talked over the past few weeks over it, we are only in the middle of it. We absolutely want to see it again in the game.”

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