Mortal Kombat 2 seemingly mocked by the producer of the film

Mortal Kombat 2 apparently, Todd Garner, a producer of the first film, makes fun of him.
We know that he is working in a sequel to

Mombat 2 Apparently, Todd Garner, a producer of the first film, makes fun of him. We know that he is working in a sequel to restart 2021, with the script by Jeremy Slater, the main writer and executive producer of the new series of Disney + Albalero of the Moon. That said, this is all we know about the film in terms of outstanding details. Unfortunately, Garner has not changed this, but he mocked him can suggest that we will soon listen to more about the film.

Today Garner changed the Twitter profile photo from him to an edition of an official poster of the first film. By itself, this would not be so remarkable, but Garner has a fame of joking subtly and recently has made some other interesting tweets. He recently he also conducted an informal survey on Twitter asking the followers of him what his favorite was. Momatal Kombat Kingdom is. Apparently, Edenia won. For those who do not know: Edenia is one of the six kingdoms that make up the Kombat_ Universe. The kingdom is inspired by the Garden of Eden in the Bible and is the home of characters such as Sindel, Kitana and Jade,

More interesting than this, Garner also recently shared a photo that shows it with Joe Taslim (Bi-Han) and Chin Han (Shang Tsung). This could have been just a friendly meeting, but it was enough to raise the antennas of many fans.

For now, take everything here for what it is, that it is speculation. It seems that there is something here, especially with the change of profile image, but for now, none of this is definitive. Of course, if additional suspicious tweets are issued, we will update the story accordingly. And, of course, if Garner offers some clarification regarding the Tweets series and speculation they have created, we will also update the story accordingly.

In recent and related news, the first character of the new rumored mombattal game – _momatal kombat 12 – may have been filtered recently. Meanwhile, almost three years after its initial launch, Netherrealm Studios eliminated a controversial feature of the last mombat play, mombat 11.

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