Webzen union, May 2 Games in the game industry First strike

Webzen union will enter the full-fledged strike from May 2.
Since December last year, Webzen labor and management are conflicts and conflicts in the process of consultation in the process of wage.
Within 3 times of this school,

Webzen union will enter the full-fledged strike from May 2.

Since December last year, Webzen labor and management are conflicts and conflicts in the process of consultation in the process of wage. In the next three schools, we have not concluded that two adjustments were held at the local labor committee. The Webzen union opens a press conference in front of the Pangyo Digital Center, which is 11:00 am on the 18th, and confirmed the strike schedule. Unions said they have prepared a preparation for a concrete plan for strikes, and they have a willingness to communicate if they present a progress in the company.

This day conference was the official declaration of the news that he is in the strike, and it was a place to convey the meaning of the websini, and to talk directly to Webzen Kim Tae Young representative. “The issue of” The Imperial History, “The Imperial History of the Competition,” said Neung-ho, a “issue, is a right to assure it in the Constitution at the same time. This is because this is the last means of the trade union. The wage does not come out during the strike period. I do not work, but it’s natural, but it’s our work, so the meaning of the new sam will be heavily. ” Nevertheless, we stood in front of this option. This is not one choice. We decided to make Webzen to make a good company as a good company. “

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In addition, the Mortgage will support when the union member shall be a strike, and the work spaces do not need to be moubled. It is a company that has been a company that has left the strike, “he said,” Finally, I would like to give you a sin and appointment to the users who love the websen game. I am a developer before being a union representative, and a gamer that loves the game. Even if you leave the task for a while, we will not forget what we have to do, and we will not leave where we should have. This struggle ends with victory, and if the company has more talented, I will be able to reward it as a better game. “

The WebJenji conveyed a vote for the behavior of the issue for the United States and 8, 8, and the United States. This was passed by 72.2% of the turnout of 92.8%. The unions said the legal procedures for strikes have been completed, and they want to talk to the company, especially Kim Tae Young, while preparing for relevant preparation. In particular, it is a bigger disgusting that the company has not given the company’s negotiations in the negotiation process, especially than the wage problem. In addition, I asked for a data for bargaining, but it was said that there was a difficulty in identifying content because it did not give relevant data on the company.

We acknowledged that there is no data provided separately on the union in addition to press release or disclosure data. However, we explained that the Webzen talented culture chamber has come to the union and negotiation with the entire logistics. In addition, on the website of the Webzen, on the website, it seems to be affected by new development and live service. Even now, the conversation window is open and I would like to return to the negotiation table and solved the problem through conversation. “

This striking is not expected to be expected to have a certain degree of labor to the game development and service. However, Non-Joo-joon said, “With a 52% development, 48% of the union won, In the development of development and norfu, it is a structure that brings the game in China, and the part of the publishing is also affected, and it was a structure that could be influenced by Webzen’s headquarters as well as the subsidiaries, “he said.

Currently, Webzen labor and management have opened the dialogue window. However, if there is no part that there is no progress, the first strike in the domestic game industry will begin on May 2. If the strike is running, Webzen unions, as well as other branches that are belonging to the IT committee. In fact, this press conference includes the President of the Web Jinson, Nexonji, including President Nexonjeong, President, Nexonji, including President Neukseong, a former chairman of the Han Sang-kwon, and the Summer Gate. Korean and computer branch Kim Ki-hong branched attended.

The Nexon Drunky Chamber, participating as a representative of the website, is the first strike on the game industry. However, this time is simply a company employee complaining to treatment, and it is difficult to see the issue of occurrence. It is extremely rare if the trade union negotiation is ruined by a pure wage problem. The strike is close to the willingness to solve the problem that the annual salary negotiations have been fulfilled in the game industry that shows explosive success. “

President Seo Seung-wook, the Metropolitan Government of the Fifensu Library, said, “The Kaka Meeting Association has conducted eight affiliates and king scatteries and agreed in seven. Large to the entire IT committee, we are carrying out over 30 bargains. Among them, the website is the crowded website. The place where negotiations are concluded, which is highly profitable, so the impression rate is high and the Convention is not concluded. We have a lot of profitable companies that have a profit of W100bn in January, but it is a lot of profitable companies, but it is reaching a consensus through labor-management contests. But in Webzen, we have never talked properly. “

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