In the Ukrainian game you can experience one of the most scariest fighters in the battlefields – Ukrainian tractor driver

News published in the consolefin.
Revenues go for good purpose.
Processed game: Ukrainian Farmy.
PC / Windows, Mac.

Ukrainian farmers have become world famous when capturing a number of Russian tanks and other military equipment through their tractors.

Now this go can be used with a video game.
The output of ukrainian pharmy is a tribute to the tribunals of Ukrainian game developers for local farmers.

Ukrainian tank single handedly destroys massive Russian convoy east of Kyiv
Ukrain in Farmy You can experience one of your Ukrainian battlefield scariest fighters – Ukrainian tractor driver,” told the game description.
It is up to the player to compete with time and artillery bombings as much as possible of Russian stocks as possible.
Trailer can view below.
The game can be downloaded for free to PC and Mac, but the heading home page has links to the ways to support Ukraine in the middle of the war.
The output is reported to be still under work, so new tractors and maps are allowed to wait later.

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