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These are Disney+ premieres for May 2022

All this will arrive at Disney+ and Star+ throughout the month of May.
Here all the details about the premieres of these platforms.

Disney+ and Star+ are two platforms that have gained a great level of popular thanks to their original content and an extensive catalog of series, films and documentaries focused on the legacy of the properties that are within the reach of the mouse company. In this way, May will be a great month for the users of these platforms, since premieres such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Chip and give: To the rescue they will be available next month.


-Galería Disney -Star Wars: Boba Fett’s book: May 4

-Padre Made in USA -Season 18: May 4

-War of The Worlds -Season 2: May 4

-Bingo and Rolly -Seasons 2 and 3: May 4

-The Quest: May 11

-The hunter: May 11

-Outmatched: May 11

-Big Hero 6 -Season 2: May 11

-Muppet Babies -Season 2: May 11

-How I Met Your Father: May 11

-The life and Beth: May 18

-The Harlem godfather -Seasons 1 and 2: May 18

-The Walking Dead -Season 11b: May 18

-The Passage: May 18

-Inter brothers-Seasons 1-3: May 18

-Wu-tang: An American Saga: May 25

-Papás commission: May 25

-Neboa: May 25

-Mayans M.C. -Seasons 1-3: May 25

-One for all-Seasons 1-9: May 25

-Doctora at the toy hospital -Season 4: May 25

-Obi-Wan Kenobi: May 27

-The Oussekine case -without defining


-We are: May 6

-Armageddon: May 6

-Sneakerella: Cinderella in shoes: May 13

-The proposition: May 13

-Assassin’s Creed: May 20

-The parking lot: May 20

-Eddie el Águila: May 20

-Chip and Dale: To the rescue: May 20

-Gool!: May 20

-Aliming the world: May 27

-The Apes Planet -Complete saga: May 27

Documentaries and specials:

-Europa from the sky -Season 1: May 4

New on Netflix | May 2022

-Ovnis in Europe: hidden stories -Season 1: May 4

-Bloody Tales of Europe -Season 1: May 4

-The return of the magicians: Álex against Álex: May 6

-The ten bigger beasts in the world: May 6

-Megaestructures: Maravillas of Engineering -Season 1: May 11

-Critical motion: Tigres in India: May 13

-Survival in the tribe -Season 3: May 18

-Wild Australia -Season 1: May 25

-JFK: Seven days that forged a president: May 27

In related issues, these are the premieres for HBO Max in May, and these are Netflix for next month.

Editor’s note:

Without a doubt, Obi-Wan Kenobi and chip and give: to the rescue are the most anticipated releases by all fans, and position themselves to be one of the best productions of their respective sagas. I can no longer wait to see Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan.

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