Diablo Immortal: How Blizzard could have saved the shitstorm

Diablo Immortal was torn before the release.
Carlo Siebenhüner shows how Blizzard could have avoided the shit storm with a small trick.

Packs the glorious consideration sword and the raised massacrix: There is a new diablo, and before the release of Diablo 4. After a long silence, Diablo Immortal finally gets into the corridors and before someone asks whether we have no cell phones – it needs them you no longer mandatory. Diablo immortal appears officially for the PC. I think that’s good, because now the plot twist comes: Diablo Immortal is not as bad as everyone always says and on top of that, Blizzard could have spared the ubiquitous aversion in the community and the huge shit storm with a small trick.

Wer more about the PC implementation of Diablo Immortal (Buy now), want to read our impressions from alpha and beta phase, just look at our detailed preview. We were able to beat ourselves through the demon hordes for many hours both in the alpha and beta phase of the game. In addition, we were the only German editorial team to have a detailed interview with the developers, how to change the heart around the PC version.


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Blizzard Announces Diablo Immortal For PC

Diablo Immortal is not stupid at all

Before questions arise whether this is a late April Fool’s joke or I get Blizzard money cases. No, it is not and no, I don’t get. I was only allowed to play with a few colleagues Diablo Immortal a year ago, both in the alpha and in the beta. Well, what can I say: I had a lot of fun back then. Yes, the alarm bells also rang with me: a diablo for the cell phone of the Ingame shop has everything you know. Additional currencies, Battle Pass & Co. Source: PC Games with Free2Play, all monetaries associated with this business model are included. So additional currencies that you buy with real money, gemstone items that you can buy, Battle Pass and more.

So there is everything that makes the Core gamer soul puke in the beam, but the more important point is: these things can be confidently ignored and then actually has a well-functioning diablo. There are several classes to choose from as you know from the series. The barbar skin is rough, magicians have to keep a distance, but laser everything away. There are also monk, demon hunters, the summary of the dead and crusaders.

After the first start of the game, I have a comfortably warm feeling of “coming home”, because as an old Diablo-3-explaner everything seems familiar immediately. The graphic style is strongly reminiscent of the third part of the series and at least on the smartphone it doesn’t look bad. Nevertheless, morbid is approaching: Diablo Immortal is bloody and offers a lot of meat salad in its stories. The graphic style immediately reminds of Diablo 3. Source: Blizzard also knows the locations from the past. At the beginning, Diablo Immortal throws the player into the village of Wortham, which is already known from Diablo 3, and even the Olle Deckard Cain has its appearance.

But the core of every Diablo, the feeling of the game, also seems familiar quickly. You walk around, explore the world, clump monsters and boss opponents diligently. They drop tons of stuff with which you equip and improve your character. The loot spiral continues in Diablo Immortal. All in all, it feels like a Diablo 3.5 and in my opinion that is absolutely nothing bad. On the contrary, mainly in the direction of Edgame there is even more content in it than in the main part.

the call is ruined…

But even if Diablo Immortal became the best game in the world, the call is still ruined. The game is a prime example of how a presentation becomes an absolute accident and tears the end product into the abyss before the release, although this is not bad at all. Before we get there, we make a short recap.

We write the year 2018 and the Blizzcon, Blizzard’s in -house exhibition, we are just around the corner. The manufacturer’s reputation already has a few dents, but the players are positive and curious about what they are served by one of the most legendary gaming. In advance, rumors are about to see something new about Diablo. The internet shoots itself into it and is really in the mood for it.
The fair comes, the live stream runs and shows updates to Starcraft, Wow, Heroes of the Storm and a remaster for Warcraft 3. Wow!
(That was good news back then!)

The Diablo Immortal reveal was a car accident. Source: Blizzard Entertainment But then the final presentation follows. Wyatt Cheng comes onto the stage and behind him the diaablo logo flares up. The fans almost freak out on site. Only the audience quickly realizes that something is wrong. Because this Wyatt Cheng is fascinated by mobile and cell phones and quickly follows disillusionment. This new Diablo is by no means Diablo 4, but a cell phone game with Free2Play and online MMO features. Anyone who follows the stream will experience live how the mood tilts and Blizzard drives the new car against the wall with 120.

The community rages and even in the hall there is resistance. The famous “Red Shirt Guy” asks the unforgettable question whether this was a late April Fool’s joke and as if that wasn’t enough, the developers on stage are still completely overwhelmed and do not have the situation under control. There is stamping around, there is no try to hide the obvious surprise about the negative feedback and also becomes latently bitchy with the question of whether people have no cell phones.

_ It continues on page 2 with the actual problem of this presentation! _

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