Hot like dragon fire, cool like ice cream – awesome Senzragosa

In keeping with the upcoming WoW expansion Dragon Flight, this hot, cold cosplay is devoted to the human form of Sindragosa.

In the past, the pretty women in WoW history were mainly the focus of the Cosplayer-especially the former war chief of the Horde: Sylvanas or the human magician Jaina Prachmeer. But heroic kings such as Varian were also honored with breathtaking cosplays. With the announcement of WoW Dragonflight, the dragons are now focusing significantly more. These not only play the main role in the upcoming expansion, but are also very suitable for various cosplays. Because the dragons in WoW also have a humanoid shape. Some in the form of gnomes like Chromi, others, on the other hand, in men like Kalegcos, but many in the form of a woman.

And we probably don’t have to explain that pretty ladies are among the most popular templates of the cosplayers – like another dragon lady: Alexstrasza.

are ragosa in human form – a cosplay dream

Designed by Zach Fischer Art and Life Brings by Tanya Bayer (alias Lilith Heimdal), this cosplay probably leaves nothing to be desired. Only, we are pretty sure, would have Sindragosa, if at all, other tattoos in their arms. But that shouldn’t bother us. After all, Sindragosa may play a role in the upcoming wow extension.

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If you want to hang on the wall as a cool picture as a cool picture, you will find it here.

Which WOW character would you like to see as a cosplay? And what do you generally think that at a time when Blizzard pulls the plug with almost any sexualization in WoW, cosplayer continues to use little clothing and a lot of bare skin? Immoral or easy to look at?

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