Assembly manual Lol Wild Rift Fiora – the best runes, skills, combo and objects

Fiora is known as the queen of duelists in League of Legends.
Her unique abilities make her a formidable opponent in situation 1 on …

Fiora is known as the queen of duelists in League of Legends. Her unique abilities make her a formidable opponent in situations 1 to 1. although Fiora is not so strong at the beginning of the game, she can devastate opponents in the middle and end of the game. As a result, it is one of the most preferred players in matches with a high rating.

Fiora is a high skill curve for new players. Since she is weak at the beginning of the game, it is best to put turrets at the leining stage to earn gold and buy items. Nevertheless, even with the best objects of Fior, it may remain aloof if its abilities are not designed for perfection. Therefore, it is important to know every part of its kit.

FIOOR skills

Passive: Duel dance

Fiora shows vital organs on her enemies. They are indicated in the enemy champion with a gold glow. Hitting into the enemy from the side of Vital inflicts a percentage of the maximum health of the enemy in the form of True damage , hearates Fior and increases its movement speed by a few seconds. To maximize damage, always follow the vital indicators of the enemy and always try to hit them!

ability 1: Lunge

Fiora attacks and damages the closest enemy. Lugs vital organs and he will kill the enemies. A blow to the enemy will return the money 60% of its reloading, so always try to hit the enemy champion, minion or monster to get a quick recovery time.

Ability 2: Responsible Bike

Fiora rattles all incoming damage and negative effects a little less than a second, and then strikes in the indicated direction. Magic damage which slows down the speed of enemy movement and attack speed by 50% by 1.5 seconds. If the parked attack was immobilizing, it stun enemy instead of slowing it down. Always follow the enemy’s ability to parry the blow in time to stun him.

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Ability 3: Working with a blade

Fiora strengthens its next two basic attacks using bonus to the speed of attack . The first blow will slow the enemies, and the second always deliver a critical blow for more damage. She can also apply critical shots on the towers to inflict more damage.

Ultimate: Big Call

Fiora will challenge the enemy champion, revealing all four vital organs for a few seconds and receive additional speed of movement while next to them. A blow to all four vital elements in a few seconds or the murder of the enemy will cause a field around the goal, which heals Fiora and its allies. The duration of this area of the field will last longer, depending on how many vital organs you have touched.

The best combination of Fiora skills

ability 1 (lunge)> ability 3 (work with a blade)> ability 2 (response)

This combination works in almost any situation. Always try to get into vital organs. Change the position quickly with the help of a lunge, then use the “work with a blade” to twice to hit the enemy in a short period of time. Use a response blow to block any enemy attacks and, therefore, slow down or stun them.

The best assembly of Fiora items

Start the match by bought a long sword basic element. The basic assembly for Fiora will consist of Trinity strength , blade of a deceased relative g, and halbrailer . After the main items, build Death Dance for greater stability and gage of the stratum for additional health. As for the boots, the construction Steel caps with a coating and then buy ionic protopoies to enchant for an additional jerk.

The best runes for Fiora

The best spells for Fiora

Flash: * Mandatory spell for Fiora, since it can be combined with its ability 1 (attack) to get a powerful jerk in motion.
Barrier: Since Fiora is not so strong in the early game, the barrier can potentially save life at the beginning of the game. If your style is aggression, change the barrier to light * spell.

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