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Mario Strikers: Battle League Football – fans miss popular characters

The new gameplay trailer for Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is mostly well received by the community-only the selection of character in the …

The new gameplay trailer for Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is largely well received by the community-only the character selection in the football game leaves many Nintendo fans disappointed.

In Mario Strikers: Battle League Footbal, Nintendo serves you a rapid riot variant of Kleinfeld football, in which you can grab your opponents through the arena as you please. A new gameplay trailer shows some promising features , but disappointed fans when choosing playable characters.

new trailer for Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Mario Strikers: Battle League – Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch

In the trailer for Mario Strikers: Battle League Football you can get a precise picture of the special attacks of your characters ** and the design options of the individual arenas.

The video also provides information on how you can play the football game with your friends. In local co-op mode, up to eight players can play together or play against each other on a switch . Individual matches against other players or in the new Strikers Club league mode are also possible online.

While these features were generally taken in benevolence, fans primarily criticize the limited selection of only 10 characters for a game in which 8 field players fight for the ball.

Mario fans want more characters

While Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser and Toad are among the 10 available characters, other Nintendo creations shine with absence. Fans complain about Reddit that Daisy, bone dry and Bowser Jr. . The disappointment about this is clearly noticeable in the discussions – and some of them even expect the figures to be submitted at least by DLC.

  • “It is a football game, the lack of characters is my biggest problem with it. Having options to create your own dream team is the best aspect of football games. ”( Reddit-user Fern-Ando )

  • “Everything about it looks so good… except for the character selection. Not only are Daisy and Bowser Jr., but also characters such as bone dry, the hammer brother and Shy Guy, which means that the teams will repeat themselves after a while. This is a 4V4 game with only 10 characters. I really don’t know if I wouldn’t have a larger selection instead of the equipment system. ”( Reddit user Bebefanmasterj )

  • “Come on, I want this game to be good. Give me 4 more characters and it could be the best Mario sports game. Come on Nintendo, don’t ruin that. ”( Reddit user Itshammond )

(Source: Reddit)

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