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Mu Arc Angel service 2nd anniversary event

Webzen (CEO Kim Tae -young) will start a large event for the 2nd anniversary of the official service of MMORPG ‘Mu Arc Angel’.
Webzen today (May 23) from 5 am to June 2 (Thursday) from 4:59 am for 10 days MuA Angel ‘2 weeks ??

Webzen (CEO Kim Tae -young) will start a large event for the 2nd anniversary of the official service of MMORPG ‘Mu Arc Angel’.

Webzen will hold the Mu Arc Angel ‘2nd Anniversary Event’ for 10 days from 5 am to 4:59 am on May 2 (Thursday) on May 2 (Thursday)..

This event consists of settlement, cumulative and ranking rewards according to the rating from the game ‘Event Dungeon’ and ‘Daily Quest’. However, after 8 days of the server opening, only characters with a level of level 100 can be participated, and the benefits vary depending on the number of server connections.

First of all, if you kill monsters in the dungeon during the event, you will be rewarded for the item differentials, including 5 ‘Life of Life’ and ‘2nd Anniversary Bookmarks’. If you complete the daily quest for the same period, you will be given an additional number of event dungeons to support the rapid growth of characters and large amounts of items.

I unlocked all the 2 year anniversary event packs + Heirloom!!
In addition, depending on the number of events dungeons, cumulative rewards such as ‘Unique Ring Selection Box’, ‘Pet Awakening Pack’, and ‘Crystal Modification’ can be obtained.

There will also be a ‘ranking reward’ during this event. According to the cumulative scores obtained from the event dungeon, the top 10 users can earn appearance rewards such as ‘sword bubble of battle’ and ‘new profile window of battle’.

Webzen will also hold a ‘community event’ for in -game events. From May 23 (Mon) to June 1 (Wed), the official community attend the official community for more than 5 days, in -game notice screenshot, and ‘2’ in -game. A variety of rewards will be presented from Wonkwon to Bumuda Edition Doll.

Webzen’s ‘Mu Arc Angel’ is a mobile MMORPG that adds fun to technology and contents by solving the journey of ‘Archangel Weapons’, the top item of the MU series game, in a spin -off format. In Korea, it has risen to third place in the Google Play Store sales rankings since its launch, and has entered the top of the store sales ranking in the following year in overseas markets such as Taiwan.
For more information about the 2nd anniversary event of mobile MMORPG ‘Mu Arc Angel’, visit the official community.

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