League of Legends Patch 12.10 removes an unfair mechanic hated by the community

Riot Games did not seem willing to change one of the most criticized mechanics by the community. However, he has made a surprise adjustment in the latest League of Legends patch to prevent the unfair healing interaction affecting Baron Nashor.

League of Legends has undergone one of the most significant transformations in its history with the release of Patch 12.10. Logically, all eyes in the community have gone to the same settings. The increase in statistics of all the champions, the reductions to heals and shields, or the changes that the items have suffered have stolen all the prominence. However, within a gigantic update, a small detail removes one of the most unfair mechanics in the game. The almost tiny adjustment should have arrived years ago, and the community will appreciate it in the long run.

Goodbye to the most unfair mechanics of Baron Nashor
The change we are talking about is one of the simplest that could have come to League of Legends, and it is related to Baron Nashor. In addition to increasing this monster’s stats to keep it at a reasonable power level, Riot Games has removed its ability to improve maximum health (and thus heal a small amount of health) while in combat. Previously this would happen every minute on the dot from when the target respawned. However, from now on, it will only happen if, in addition to this condition, he hasn’t been in combat in the last 30 seconds.

This mechanic was unknown to many players despite causing surprises when securing the objective. However, its existence became popular due to its incident in a competitive match. It was in the semifinal of the LCS, with a direct impact on those qualified for MSI 2022. When the best of five between Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid was still tied at scoreless, Nashor’s unexpected heal allowed Danny (EG) to steal the target with an auto-attack from Jinx. As if that wasn’t enough, he activated his champion’s passive and allowed her to get a Pentakill.

The truth is that interaction like this had never shown its impact in such a remarkable way. In this way, the developer has been forced to react to prevent similar actions in League of Legends. There are enough details to pay attention to in the game that such small things can change the outcome. Many community members will appreciate the change and even those who do not will benefit.

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