The terms of eSports and streamer are prohibited

In France they have banned the use of some terms related to the world of video games.
Specifically, words such as streamer and eSports are discussed.

Today there are many terms in the video game industry, and by far two of the most famous are eSports and Streamer, which are used for special competitive game events. And although this is a great step to normalize the use of this language, some are not so convinced to include it in everyday life.

And it is that in France It has strictly prohibited using these terms linked to video games, justifying that they are looking for the protection of the beauty of the current language. Specifically, it was the members of the Ministry of Culture who are making the ban, directly pointing out that many people would not understand the meaning.


They even made the replacement of each of the terms, and now to Streamer will be known as live host player , description that fits totally with the position that is spoken. For its part, eSports will be changed to competition video game , description that could confuse a little more, since the phrase is somewhat longer than necessary.

It is also said that phrases like Cloud Gaming will be replaced with cloud video game , something that did not really need a change, unless it is for elderly people. The aforementioned terms should be used in the different official media, above all, those who go to a general public.

Editor’s note: Without a doubt this rule could be a good initiative for parents, grandparents and other people to know a little more from the world of video games. This to understand the context in which children, grandchildren and other young people speak.

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