Best Relics to Equip Njord Gabrielle Dislyte Build

Gabrielle is a five-star Legendary Esper in Dislyte. The Wind-type Njord is one of the strongest characters in the game and has a Support role. See suggestions on which relics to equip to get the best Gabrielle builds.

Who is Gabrielle (Njord) in Dislyte?
Gabrielle is a Support-type Esper that can apply massive buffs and debuffs to both teams. However, she doesn’t heal, so be prepared to have some other support that is a healer.

Details of Gabrielle’s skills (at max level!)
Haste – Grants Immunity and AUM DEF to all allied Espers for two turns. Deals 105% ATK damage to all enemies, with a RED ATK debuff for two turns;
Low Guard – Attacks all enemies three times, dealing damage equal to 80% ATK each time. Each hit has a 50% chance to inflict RED DEF for two turns;
Wavebreaker – Deals damage to a target equal to 140% ATK + 0.45% ATK per point of SPD;
Captain Skill – Increases allies’ HP by 30%.

How to improve Gabrielle’s skills in Dislyte?
To upgrade Gabrielle’s skills, you will need Legendary Habilimon. This item is not easy to get, so analyze carefully which five-star Esper you want to level up the moves.
Legendary Habilimon can be purchased from the Tournament Shop for 1000 Supply Tickets. You get this coin by defeating enemies in the Points War arena. Other ways are fulfilling game missions and passing through particular floors of the Space Tower.

The best relics for Gabrielle
Dislyte allows for multiple relic options, and it can sometimes be quite tricky to find the right duo to optimize Esper. This part of the guide tells you which combinations are suitable for Gabrielle.

Option 1: Windwalker + Bow of Apollo
Set: Windwalker
SPD +25%

Set: Bow of Apollo

Because of Gabrielle’s abilities, she must be the first to attack. She will immunize allies from the opposing team’s potential debuffs with Haste. This attack will also increase your team’s defense and decrease opponents’ attacks.

So always equip the Windwalker Set with four relics. In the space of two, use the Bow of Apollo to increase Gabrielle’s accuracy. This way, Njord will have less chance to miss attacks on enemies.

Option 2: Windwalker + Adamantine
Set: Windwalker
SPD +25%

Set: Adamantine
All allies start the
battle with an equal shield
at 15% of max HP.
lasts two turns

If you’re satisfied with Gabrielle’s accuracy, you can add a layer of protection to your team. With the Adamantine Set, each Esper on your team will start with a shield of 15% of their respective max HP.
Another option is the Master Bosque Set, which will increase Gabrielle’s HP by 25%. But in this case, the buff is only for the Njord and not for the whole team as in the Adamantine Set.

Recommended stats for Gabrielle’s Relics
Below you can find the recommended stats of runes to equip on Gabrielle. In this case, these are the best options for the relic’s primary stat (the one that appears first from top to bottom).
So, if you have a six or 5-star relic with the stats below as the main one, give preference to leveling them. Upgrade these runes to at least level 12.

What are Gabrielle’s strengths and weaknesses?
Gabrielle is one of the best Espers in the game, having a spot on any team and in any game mode. You can check the ranks of the legendary Njord and other characters in our Dislyte Tier List. But we’ve already said that she will be SS in almost everything.

How to get Gabrielle in Dislyte?
Gabrielle is a Legendary Esper that you can get when using Gold Disc to Summon Echo. Another way is to fulfill the missions present in the Advance Plan Course. There you can obtain Njord through fusion.
The process is slow and will require a lot of farming, as you will first need to level up Espers to merge Fabrice first (if you don’t already have one). Afterward, you will need to level Fabrice and other characters to get Gabrielle.

It is worth mentioning that the Espers used infusions are lost. On the plus side, you can repeat Esper Fusion whenever you want. You can learn more about fusion by going to the War Room menu.

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