The evening of the year 2: Our predictions for the Bustamante vs Mr. Jagger and the rest of the fighting

Read in Millenium: In this article we will not talk if we will see the expected BZRP Music Sessions of Duki or Quevedo, but of trying to predict by the writing of MGG what will happen in the evening of the year 2.

Tomorrow u does not of the most anticipated moments of the creation of content Spanish speaker this year, if not the one: the evening of year II. The night organized by IBAI that has cost half a million euros has everything prepared to be one of the most remembered nights of recent years, with quite interesting confrontations and that will give much to talk about in the future, in addition to very special actions and some other surprise prepared by one of them.

But in this article we will not talk if we will see the expected BZRP Music Sessions of Duki or Quevedo, but of try to predict by the writing of MGG what will happen in the evening of the year.

Spursito vs Carola; Motivation is everything

The first combat of the evening is already quite hot, since since we knew the confrontation we have seen many videos of the streamer Gallego giving everything in the ring, while of Spursito we saw practically nothing and looked a little more lagging and insecure. And it is that Carola at first is the great favorite to win her fight with enough difference according to some for her three-month-old training… until the Spurs video arrived.

The Andorrano content creator took a video a few days ago that collected his journey at the Sandor Martín boxing school, who is also training Lolito and was with Reven last year. The result? A spectacular video by its editor Alfon and a evolution of spursito quite surprising , since at first he looked very insecure and without knowing what he had to do until he reached the last minutes of footage, where we see it with a Exaggerated motivation and a phrase that has penetrated us and opted for him: I will beat him 100%. Let’s go with Spursito.


Arigameplays vs Paracetamor; A confrontation for glory

The second combat of the night will face Arigameplays, the most watched Mexican streamer, in front of Paracetamor, one of the streamers that has climbed most on Twitch in recent years. The Spanish has shown all the evolution of her from the beginning , coming to see both the physical and mental change of her and her evolution when fighting with an outstanding Yerman edition. On the other hand, Ari has barely shown anything and in the absence of one day for her combat, we have only seen a kind of teaser, but little else.

However, we have been able to observe the occasional story on the Instagram of people near her and we see a force worthy of Mexican boxers . We know the effort that Paracetamor has made, but we believe that ARI has that differential point of having references very close to the glory of sport and something in the blood that only a few have. Our heart goes with for, but we think that Ari will beat him.

Viruzz vs Momo; Pride technique

Possibly the most spicy confrontation of the whole night watching their preparations and the desire you have from the announcement of your fight. The evening of the year 2 was created for fighting like this and we cannot wait to know the result. Viruzz has done a huge and surprising job , with a training based on professionals and with a spectacular technique, in addition to videos made by Jonh Alexander as good as the training of the creator of Zaragozano content.

However, Momo has not remained still and his training has been based on a lot of physical and power , as can be seen in the videos of his channel edited by Jizakude, so Victor will have to be careful in Any of his punches. Because yes, Momo has so many anecdotes that ended up fighting that this can give him a plus in this regard… or not. From our perspective, we believe that Viruz will win not by K.O, but by points , since the Argentine has a lot of pride and anger, but not as much as a viruz. That leads to more unstable blows and that can harm Momo in terms of points. Of course, if it were MMA Momo, he won street.

Lolito vs Luzu; Public College against Private

A confrontation that nobody expected and that little or nothing knows what will happen is that of Lolito against Luzu. On the one hand we have Luzu, the dear child of Dad who is loved by all and that his training has been arduous and difficult, since we remember that he lives in the United States and his trips have often hindered him this training and self-improvement. On the other we have Lolito, who has not uploaded anything but watching videos of other fighters we have seen that he has lost a barbarity and He is more than motivated to take the Basque streamer ahead.

If we have to opt for a winner, it is quite difficult to choose, since Luzu looks in a very good way but Lolito has that street that lacks the one based in US territory. We chose this time to Lolito for the fact of having that anger contained and for having Sandor Martin as coach, which is a safe bet when fighting. In addition, Lolo has the buff that he is going to go out with his worldwide song Yepa I am already here, something that does not have Counterplay.

Jagger vs Bustamante; Yes he is a superman

The best fight of all those we have seen so far… And the most decored? On the part of Jagger, as expected, we have not seen absolutely anything, while Bustamante has dropped several videos that has left us thinking a lot. But not thinking about who is going to win but how much Jagger will last . Because yes, Busta is made a bull and it shows that he has been doing this type of sports of him.

That is why we see David much more prepared and clear favorite to win the fight. Of course, Jagger to Rugby from a very young age and knows what it is to receive cakes on all sides, so he is likely to go to the defensive and hold blows to the purest Homer Simpson style. We believe that he can endure the five rounds, but that Bustamante will win over points. It turns out that he was a superman and a very simple man who wanted to fall in love.

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