One Piece reveals the secret identity of a character

The true identity of one of One Piece’s characters in Wano’s arch is confirmed.
This sometimes helped the protagonists.

It looks like a dream, but currently the arc of wano in one piece y Kaido*. However, the emotion continues to arise in the rest episodes, since the identity of one of the great allies of the pirates were revealed.

Within the 20 years that have passed in Wano under the government of Kaido and Orochi , it turns out that Oden’s father had actually been hiding from these dangerous subjects. In the most recent chapter of the manga it was revealed that the Hitetsu masked was actually Sukiyaki Kozuki, the former show of that country all this time and that helped the protagonists.

This data was announced in a conversation with Nico Robin, which has great secrets for the inhabitants. It is mentioned that Sukiyaki was imprisoned under the floor of the castle instead of being killed as thought, and had covered itself as Hitetsu the blacksmith in the free time of it. He mentions the pirate that he had no intention of telling Momonuke about his true identity, but in the end he will have to do it.

In news related to One Piece._ A few days ago it was commented that one of the greatest enemies of the series approaches the protagonists. The character has already been seen through memories, but he still does not have an interaction with the pirates. In case you want to know who he is, we invite you to click on the following link.

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