Fall Guys: How to unlock the rewards of the event summer squads

Throughout the last weeks it has been clear that Fall Guys has put the batteries when offering all the kind of news and ways to hang out, especially with their temporary challenges. During these days you can participate in the Event Summary Squadrons , to which we have dedicated the following guide to indicate how to obtain all your rewards.

How to unlock the rewards of the event summer squads


In the list of shows you will find these days one called Celebration of squadrons , in which you will have to participate if you want to carry out some of the challenges that are part of this temporal event. Of course, it will be time to try to the fullest, because some missions will require that you gain evidence or even that you will win the show.

For each of the tasks that you finish successfully you will receive a total of 100 points, so much eye on the objectives that you will have to meet, because some of them will require that you perform a series of very specific tasks, such as keeping a tail for a certain time or keep you in the air for many seconds.



Classify 3 times in equipment rounds in any show
100 points

Keep a tail for 15 seconds in squadron celebration
100 points

Stay in the air a total of 60 seconds in any show
100 points

Classify 3 times in the first round of squadrons
100 points

It reaches 6 times at the final round in squadrons
100 points

Win 3 times squadrons
100 points

The points will help you to redeem them for each of the different rewards **. If you want to take you all, you will need to complete the six missions indicated previously, which will allow you to strengthen a costume like the one in the image you have accompanying this guide.

Necessary points


Fun under the sun!
100 points

X200 praise
200 points

Summer squads
Identification plate
400 points

Citric dip

500 points

Striped bag
Costume (lower)
600 points

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Multiversus, exactly how to add an additional player?

If you are simply starting with multiversus, you are most likely a little confused by among the objectives. This objective is to toast to one more player. In the beginning, you might be puzzled regarding just how to activate an additional player in multiversus because it is unclear.

So if you wish to learn what toasting in Multiversus does as well as just how to do it, check out the rest of this write-up listed below. We will continue How to contribute to one more player in Multiversus and also the possibilities of how to obtain the toast to do this.

You might believe of Shaggy that can toss a sandwich, however in fact the solution is a lot less complicated and also does not require any kind of game abilities in all. You do not have to climb up the multiversus ranks or try to lug out a specific strike to finish this mission.

Multiversus, how to assault another player?

It sets you back 350 gold, 10 toasts, to make sure that you can toast to another player at the end of a match after you have won or lost all matches in a face-off. You can additionally toast in the Collection food selection generally menu.

As you can see, it is rather much easier in Multiversus to really toast another player, however it is not totally clear unless you recognize the mechanics in the video game. Considering that you need toast to be able to toast another player, you likewise have to get them if you don’t have any kind of pieces. You can locate even more assistance about multiversus in our multiversus degree listing.

To To toast another player in multiversus, you have to click on the Offer symbol on the top of the final screen or in the collection menu . To do this, you require toast, a money in Multiversus that can be made in the Battle Pass and also acquired for gold.

APEX LEGENDS distributors are kidnapped during the match. Annual misalignment that has increased maliciously

In Apex Legends , it seems that the distributor was kidnapped in a way that appears to be some kind of fraud. The kidnapper player has sent a creepy chat to the distributor.

In APEX LEGENDS, it is possible to play with players such as friends and players in addition to random matching according to the mode. When playing games with other players, they send invitations from Friendlists. If accepted, you can play with the player.

However, it seems that an unauthorized method of kidnapping players ignored such steps has been braided. An overseas streamer has posted a clip when he was kidnapped.


The victim was the streamer Camms. In the distribution, participated in the Storm Point trio casual match without forming a unit in advance. Along with the so-called wild (random matching) players, they are fighting fierce immediately after descent. He is struggling with Arcster and flagged grenade. However, the game suddenly switched to the road screen. I wonder if it’s an error, and the game shifts to the shooting practice area.

Immediately, the player of the passfinder broke in at the firing practice area. The player sent a message in the chat column saying OWNED (slang that has been caught or your losing) and leaves the match without doing anything. In this eerie phenomenon, Camms seems to be unable to hide the upset, saying, I was kidnapped!?

In fact, this is not the first time that the distributor is kidnapped by a misconduct. A similar kidnapping case had occurred in Japan last February. At that time, the players who were participating in the unit and waiting in the lobby were forced to participate in another unit due to fraud or defect. Conversely, in the past, there has been an incident in the past, when fraudulent people who did not invite participate in streamer units.

On the other hand, the incident that seems to be this fraud is to take off the match during play and take it away to the shooting practice area. It can be said that it is more malicious than the past. Camms was clipped as a clip and reported to CONOR FORD, Hideouts, a security person in charge of the Apex Legends official account and the developer Respown Entertainment. He has received a response from the EA HELP official account.

APEX LEGENDS where eerie fraudulent people appear. If the kidnapping and intrusion case, which had been hidden for a while, had recurred in a malicious manner, the distributors would be particularly anxious. I want to watch future trends.

Words with 5 letters that begin with and end with D – Help of Wordle Game

Now is the time to start guessing intelligently in Wordle; In this guide, we will review all the * 5-letter words that begin with and end with D * to give you a good idea of where to start and help you in the search to maintain your streak.

All words with 5 letters that begin with and end with D

  • Aahed
  • Leave
  • Abbot
  • capable
  • on board
  • hurt
  • Acne
  • a cold
  • Acre

  • Acre
  • acted
  • additional
  • Adrad
  • Address
  • whipped
  • Okay
  • sharpened
  • ahead
  • behind
  • wait
  • Help
  • with wings
  • managed
  • Aire
  • A land
  • Acid
  • Almost
  • Alquic
  • ALOD
  • Almud
  • Aloe
  • Aloud
  • Amendment
  • amplified
  • Hormigueo
  • paid out
  • paid out
  • Aphid
  • fit
  • Arched
  • read
  • Aredd
  • Arched
  • Arled
  • armed
  • Aroid
  • ass
  • Copper
  • I ask
  • bold
  • avoid
  • grant
  • Asomed
  • axis
  • Axoid

Having prepared with our help, it is time to assume the game itself. In addition, learn to measure your conjectures using color indicators. The green will represent a letter in the right place, the yellow a correct letter in the wrong place and the gray means that it must omit that letter completely.

Keep plugging you; Eventually, you will get the correct answer in six attempts or less. If you prefer to skip the inconvenience, here are the response to today’s riddle.

There you have it, a complete list of ***** 5 letter words that begin with and end with D ****** to help you In Wordle **. To get more tips and tricks on the always popular game owned by the New York Times, be sure to look for guessing intelligently or consult the links below.

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Multiversus minimum as well as suggested PC

Multiversus will certainly be released on almost all systems later on this month, as well as players around the globe are enthusiastic regarding this new platform fight game, which guarantees a great deal of enjoyable with its graphics, personalities and features. The opportunities are countless when it concerns characters in this game; Batman, Superman and also Arya Stark from Game of Thrones are one of the many characters that will enter play, so the players should watch on the title as quickly as they are published. The free-to-play title has actually drawn in the focus of several players in the fight style because of this and also its guarantee.

Multiversus recently announced his open beta, as well as countless players are thrilled to have a good time with the fight title that will bring personalities from many well-known IPs. The majority of players wonder what the multiversus computer requirements are, however do not stress, we will answer every one of your concerns.

Multiversus Minimum as well as suggested computer requirements: Can your PC run it?

minimum requirements

Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 or AMD FX-8350.

Running system: Windows 10 64-bit.


Multiversus concerns several platforms, as well as among them is the PC. As with every PC title, players need to take the specs of their PC right into account if they desire to have the most effective experience when executing this game. So if you are among the several computer players that eagerly anticipate the title, you should take an appearance at the requirements that your computer has to meet to appreciate this free-to-play miracle that later on this month will certainly appear.

Storage space: 4 GB RAM

According to the Multiversus Steam web page, these specifications need to enable players to achieve 60 FPS at 1080p.

recommended requirements

R9 270 and also GTX 660 came onto the market almost a years ago, so every gamer with a graphics card that has actually been released in the past five years must have the ability to understand multiversus without any type of troubles. The same applies to RAM as well as processor requirements. Virtually every PC gamer will certainly handle this game without any troubles.

Graphics card: GeForce GTX 550 Ti or Radeon HD 7770.

Graphics: GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon R9 270.

R9 270 as well as GTX 660 came onto the market practically a decade back, so every player with a graphics card that has actually been published in the previous 5 years ought to be able to grasp multiversus without any troubles. Virtually every PC player will cope with this game without any kind of problems.

Storage: 8 GB RAM.

Multiversus will certainly be released on nearly all platforms later on this month, as well as players around the globe are enthusiastic concerning this new system battle game, which promises a lot of enjoyable with its personalities, functions and also graphics. As with every PC title, players must take the specifications of their PC right into account if they want to have the ideal experience when implementing this game. If you are among the lots of PC players that look ahead to the title, you ought to take a look at the requirements that your PC has to fulfill to appreciate this free-to-play miracle that later this month will certainly show up.

Cpu: Intel Core i5-3470 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200.

Multiversus will be readily available on July 26 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Collection X/S, Xbox One and also Computer.

For all players, the game does not need a high-end PC. So if you have an old configuration, make sure you attempt the game prior to presuming that your old graphics card can not process this title. When it comes to the processor as well as graphics card, the suggested requirements are a lot more than tame.

Running system: Windows 10 64-bit.

According to the Multiversus Steam-Seit, these requirements enable players to achieve 60 FPS at 720p.

Wow: Dragon Trip: Phioles rather than vials

With WoW: Dragon Flight mores than. So quickly there will certainly be no much more vials-no new ones. Rather, the designers implement a variety of phioles. These are the spiritual successors of the flask. They last half an hour as well as continue to be beyond death. Keep a complete hr if you toss a second afterwards. With numerous impacts, they are no much longer offered with various effects.

In the past you still had to make a decision, now the primary worth is simply increased. The only exception, there are still vials that enhance endurance.


The new phioles of wow (acquire now): dragon trip

| Phiole of the primary chaos – Fill on your own with the power of the components and give you elementary blessings at regular intervals. Each blessing boosts a secondary value by 227 and also grants a bonus offer effect. Holds 30 minutes and past death.| Phiole of the silent air – after you have performed actions out of recovery for 5 seconds, your following recovery will be increased by x. Holds half an hour and past death.| Phiole of the eye in the storm – Its key value for each enemy that strikes you is raised by X and also can be accumulated to 5 times. Holds half an hour as well as past death.| Luftige phiole of the fast hands – Hehmen your crafting speed by X. lasts for half an hour as well as past death.| Charged phiole of eagerness – Ert your rate at X. lasts 30 minutes and also beyond death.| Phiole of moderate versatility – Elauses your convenience around X. lasts 30 minutes and also past death.| Phiole of the charged seclusion – Ert your knowledge by x, as long as you go to the very least 10 meters from allies. Holds half an hour as well as beyond death.| Phiole of the fixed permission – Ihr obtains intelligence over 5 secs. As quickly as you move, the effect will be removed and you will certainly obtain 5 seconds x motion speed. Holds 30 minutes and past death.| Damping phiole of finesse – Ert your finesse at X. lasts thirty minutes and also past death.| Crystalline phiole of perception – Hehnen your perception by X. lasts 30 minutes as well as beyond death.| Phiole of the icy anger ** – Jedes times, if you strike a new opponent, you will certainly obtain a stack of icy temper for 15 secs. Holds 30 minutes and also past death.

In addition to the usual phioles, there are also those that are declared toxic. These have a solid favorable effect, yet also a negative effect that is not minimal. Much, however, just 2 of these phiole have actually been applied.

What do you consider the new philosophy in alchemy? Do you like the rather new idea with rather comprehensive results or is that as well complicated for you and you would rather have the extremely timeless vials as we have recognized them for years? Really feel free to inform us your point of view in the remarks.
| icy phiole of the corrupt rage (toxic)- if you are ruining anger, which raises your vital hit ranking by x. After you have actually endured 100% of your health and wellness as damages, you change anger to be frustrating momentarily, which suggests that you suffer 100% of your health and wellness as natural damage over 30 seconds. Holds 30 minutes as well as beyond death.| Phiole of icy conservation (poisonous)- the damages endured is decreased by x percent if your health and wellness mores than half, but increases by 6 percent if your health and wellness is much less than 50%. Holds thirty minutes as well as past death.

To web page
| icy phiole of the corrupt temper ** (hazardous)- if you are ruining anger, which boosts your important hit score by x. Holds 30 minutes and past death.

Holds 30 minutes and beyond death.

Holds 30 minutes and past death.
Holds 30 minutes and also beyond death.

Philipp Sattler

New world

FIFA 23 reveals its cover of the Ultimate Edition, with final prominence

It smells like FIFA 23! EA Sports has finally published the first official information about the game. So we already have the first official image, with the cover of the Ultimate Edition of the EA Sports game.

And beware, which is important. Kylian Mbappé will not be al1. Next to him will be Sam Kerr, female bronze ball in 2021 and star in the English Chelsea front. It would have been better to have our Alexia Putellas, but the important thing is to value women’s football.

In addition, as we had advanced, on July 20 it will be the date on which all the details of FIFA 23 will be known, a new installment that promises to be special, because it will be the last one with that name.

To celebrate it, EA Sports will publish the first trailer with the details to the 18: 00 hours (peninsular schedule) of the indicated date. So buy popcorn not to miss anything about the announcement.

This year, we have the World Cup in Qatar, and it is one of the legs of the agreement between EA and FIFA, which comes to an end from next year, where each one will start their way on their own after 30 years. This is the important thing related to the World Cup. These are the rumors that have sounded for now.

World FIFA 23

  • They will arrive as DLC, like the previous ones
  • There will be a female and male World Cup
  • It could be the last World Cup in a FIFA due to the new brand rebranding

Other rumors of FIFA 23

  • The launch date of FIFA 23 would be September 30
  • There will be new heroes, the special letter of FUT, and will have a new progressive system
  • Juventus returns with its stadium, shield and equipment
  • There will be changes in FUT chemistry and now it will be with stars
  • There will be a cross game
Clash royale

Fortnite: Web Server Down for Patch 21.30 – All important details in German

What takes place in Fortnite today? This time a patch awaits you. For this objective, the web servers for upkeep job and also the new patch 21.30 are taken offline.

The patch brings brand-new skins, wild tools and also potentially changes on the map. That you do not miss anything, we update this article regularly from MeinMMO throughout the day for you.

In Fortnite today, on July 18, the servers on all platforms down (PC, Mac, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch Over, Android). The maintenance work is used to fill the brand-new update 21.30 onto the servers. There are initial patch notes for the update right here.

Fortnite: Server-Down-When and for how long is it offline?

This is the downtime in the morning: The web servers are anticipated to be closed down at 10:00 a.m. to set up update 9:30 p.m. The matchmaking is currently shut down 30 minutes in advance, so you can no longer browse for new rounds from 9:30 a.m.

** When can you play again?

When do the patch notes come? Impressive Gamings has actually been published little to no more patch notes.

Such maintenance job can constantly result in technical issues, bugs and delays. We will inform you here instantly if such issues occur.

_ An existing trailer for the game can be seen right here: _

What new web content will update 9.30 pm?

What’s new for Battle Royale mode? We have actually not yet known anything concrete, but Leaker has actually frequently offered themselves as a secure source with her forecasts. Fortnite leader Shiina thinks that the adhering to points await you in the new update:


We will certainly list all patch notes carefully as well as very carefully below if the update is over. If more issues happen throughout the web server down, we will certainly additionally notify you.

What do you think of the new update? Are you prepared for cool brand-new summer season skins or do you also intend the EPIC a brand-new performance? Let us recognize in the comments!

In Fortnite today, on July 18, the servers on all platforms down (COMPUTER, Mac, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Change, Android). This is the downtime in the morning: ** The servers are anticipated to be closed down at 10:00 a.m. to set up update 9:30 p.m. The matchmaking is currently deactivated 30 minutes beforehand, so you can no much longer search for brand-new rounds from 9:30 a.m.

When can you play again? The servers are normally offline for numerous hrs throughout such upkeep job and playing is no longer possible. ** What’s new for Battle Royale mode?

Blue Archive, Special Animation PV released

Blue Archive, developed by Nexon Games, unveiled Surprise PV, which was produced in 2D animation. This is the first time that the game has produced and released PV as a pure 2D animation. Let’s listen to the video first.

The animation PV released this time is composed of the Summer Event, which began in late June at the Japanese server. Before the Avidos Countermeasures Committee left the vacation, he visited a shopping mall where he visited for a swimsuit purchase.

In particular, in the animation, it is noteworthy that you can check the ‘swimsuit’ outfit of the leading characters in the new period limited event that starts at the end of July.

Blue Archive held a special live broadcast on the evening of July 16 to commemorate the 1.5th anniversary of the Japanese server. In this live broadcast, this animation PV is released for the first time, and event information and event information will be held at the end of July. Introduction to new systems and content was conducted sequentially. In particular, Korean server users have attention to pay attention to the three-star character probability control or free 100th annual event.

Nexon uploaded the Korean Subtitle version of the animation PV through the official Korean server channel around 11 o’clock after the Japanese server’s 1.5th anniversary broadcast was over, so that Korean users can enjoy the video.

Unfortunately, there is no special news for Korean users. However, Blue Archive will participate in the Seoul Comic World event in KINTEX, Ilsan on July 23, and will continue to communicate with Korean users.

Ailton experiences boredom by FC Bayern

The previous Bundesliga goalkeeper Ailton complained regarding boredom in German football.
The Bundesliga is a little bit dull that Bayern have dominated all alone in the previous 10 years. You need more competition-as before, said the Brazilian in a meeting with the Stuttgarter Zeitung and also the Stuttgarter Nachrichten.
In his time there were 4 or 5 teams that can place stress on Bayern, stated the previous Bremer and Schalke: Today you are awaiting Dortmund, Leipzig as well as a little bit of Leverkusen-but then

Bavaria control once again. Also negative.