Flirt Survey ADV My Divorce Story PC/Nintendo Switch will be released on August 18. Incumbent lawyer planned, cute and fresh divorce lawsuit

Publisher CFK announced on June 30 that it will launch the flirt survey adventure My Divorce Story for PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch. Scheduled to be released on August 18.

My Divorce Story is an adventure game from Korea based on flirt surveys and divorce. This work begins with a message that accuses the spouse’s flirtation under the protagonist. In South Korea, the Civil Code stipulates that if you request a divorce due to your spouse’s infidelity, you must be within six months from the date you noticed infidelity. The protagonist who learns about his spouse’s affair will collect evidence of affair in a limited period of six months and to carry her divorce lawsuit in an advantageous manner.

The protagonist can be selected by men and women. Click on the items around her to investigate and collect evidence of affair. Sometimes you can play a flirt survey that looks like a reality, such as sneaking into the sleeping opponent’s smartphone or buying a GPS transmitter by hitting money. Each evidence of collected is expected alimony. Is it the estimated amount of the alimony that can be obtained by bringing that evidence into a divorce lawsuit?

This work is a game planned by an incumbent lawyer who knows the actual situation of the divorce trial. Perhaps because of that, despite being a cute toon-style visual, the depiction of the process of collapsing the marital relationship is quite severe. There is a note that the content of this work is different from the Japanese law.

The video distribution of the game commentary using this work says, If you can write the copy light and store URL in the video summary column, we will accept it regardless of individual or corporation. However, the ending is spoiler NG. This work adopts a multi-ending system, and it is said that the end and future of the two will change depending on factors such as gathered evidence and the degree of affection with the spouse.

By the way, the iOS/Android version of this work is currently being distributed. This announcement seems to be newly supported for PC/console in cooperation with publishers.


My Divorce Story will be released on August 18. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch.

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