Skull and Bones will be released after a long wait in November

News published in consolefin.
Ubisoft has originally been presenting its 2017 Skull and Bones game in November.
Treated game: Skull and Bones.
Xbox Series S / X, PS5, PC / Windows, Amazon Luna, Stadia.

Ubisoft has originally been presenting its 2017 SKULL AND BONES game in November.
The Skull and bones, located in the Indian Ocean scenery, lets players develop their character from shipwreck mourning, all the way to the pirate.
The adventure can be experienced from start to finish alone, but at best, the experience is with playmates.

If the cooperation does not inspire, other virtual jerseys can be billed in PVP mode.
Features are reviewed with a trailer embedded in the news.
Ubisoft Singapore’s SKULL AND BONES will be released on November 8th for PC, Stadia, Luna, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S | X.

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