League of legends

Lol: The Kings gets into the final of the Honor Division where we will see a rematch against Atheris

A duel of two colors, green against blue to look for the last ticket to the grand final of the Mexican League

With a second semifinal at the door for the Honor Division that seeks to give the second finalist between The Kings before Six Karma to seek to accompany the snakes in the great event of the Mexican League, a key situation where the kings have been dominating throughout the phase 1 and phase two, the green wave will have to show its power to overthrow the current monarchs.

The first map began aggressive Give it an important advantage for The Kings , an encounter that was painted for the side of the current monarchs that take the first point.

For the second map it would change the situation thanks to the fact that the Six Karma team would keep calm and domain, taking a wukong for Mrlemon that would reach the lines quickly getting an advantage for his teammates who They allowed him to generate good pressure within the confrontation to achieve an important advantage with which the green wave could tie the series.

A third map that was played in the style of the kings because the priority in the central lane was noticed leaving a corki in the hands of Rainbow with which it would achieve a tremendous impact on both the line phase and in the fights By team to make the life of the opposites fall, the situation was complicated for 6k who could not answer the aggressiveness of the monarchs who took the victory.

Arriving at the fourth map Limitations would be present with a Jinx that was protected by his teammates to punish the rivals on each occasion he could, using the bullet lost in an exceptional way the shooter of The The Kings ** calmed things in his favor to generate large amounts of gold in his bag with which he would put in front of his squad to close the series.

The second finalist of the Mexican League has the name of The Kings , so we will have revenge of the Opening Tournament, Atheris wants to seek revenge before the current monarchs and now with the ticket to promo/relegation in I play the situation will be very interesting, being a few weeks before the confrontation that defines the champion of the tournament is given.

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