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[Source: Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency] -Busan e -sports stadium, national competition ‘TEN 22 season Korea -Japan’ offline competition -Beginning at 4 pm on October 3, live broadcasting through online channels such as YouTube -Ko

** -Susan e-sports stadium, national competition ‘TEN 22 season Korea-Japan Exhibition’

-In October 3rd at 4 pm, live broadcasting through online channels such as YouTube

** -Korean team ‘DR’ vs. Japan Team ‘Northampton’

The Esports Night, TEN (TEN), co-hosted by the Susan Information Industry Promotion Agency and the two companies of the Susan Information Industry Promotion Agency and Loud Corporation, is the fifth round of the 22nd season of ‘Valorant’ Hamilton’ It will be held offline at the e-sports’ stadium (Arena).

‘TEN’ showed ‘Taken 7 Korea-Japan Exhibition’, which was proud of Korea and Japan for the fourth round of Liberation Day on August 15, and recorded 6.10,000 viewers in the domestic and domestic live broadcasts. As a result of the October 3rd New Year’s Day on October 3rd, the company has been attracting the attention of esports fans by adopting Valorant, which has recently risen in popularity in both countries, as a tournament.

In this game, ‘Valorant’ Korea-Japan match, ‘DR’, which has a strong fandom as the No. 1 team in Korea, attends Korea as a representative of Korea. ‘Nosesion’, which is popular with Japan’s Valorant fans, participates as a representative of Japan and visits Susan.

In particular, this tournament is the opportunity to feel the skills of ‘Conception’ and the first teams of the two countries, which were lost to DRX at VCT Masters 2, the international league of Valorant, and the first teams of the two countries. It is a big topic for fans.

Fans who want to visit the site of Valorant can be ticketed on the pre-booking and the day of the tournament through Interpark from 2 pm on the 22nd, but the ticket was sold out in the short term in the case of Taken 7 Korea-Japan War. The tournament seems to need a quick booking.

In addition, the tournament will be broadcast live through Twitch, African TV, Never, and YouTube’s Ten channel and VCT channel, and will also showcase the broadcast from the perspective of streamers through players’ personal channels and nose-streaming.

Chung Moonshot, director of the Susan Information Industry Promotion Agency, said, Following the ‘Taken 7> Korea-Japan Exhibition, which was held in August,’ Valorant ‘, which has recently received a lot of attention from e-sports fans, will be able to hold a Korean-Japanese exhibition once again. I am happy, he said. Susan will continue to hold international exchange events among various countries such as professional and amateur in the future, and will actively make efforts to expand e-sports base and become a global e-sports’ leader.

For more information on the competition, visit Arena official website and SNS.

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