All Easter eggs in sunlight in phasmophobia

Sunny Meadows Mental Institute map in Phasmophobia hides some secrets for players who invest in the knowledge of the game or just want a boast

Sunny Meadows Mental Institution in Homophobia hides some secrets for players who invest in the knowledge of the game or just want to boast of some environmental features. One can be found on a limited version of the card, and the rest will have to be opened in full version. Players will have to use custom-made user complexity modifiers because Cursed Possessions play a large role in one of Easter eggs. These are all Easter eggs in the psychiatric hospital Sunny Meadows in homophobia.

which means six become one on the map of homophobia Sunny Lugs

To find this Easter egg, players will have to play on the user complexity of the card. All six damned possessions should appear on the map. At the entrance to the institution directly along the corridor, two entrances to chapel . Inside, the players will find all the damned possessions in a circle. Lighting candles in call circle , the crosses on the wall will turn over. As soon as the players light up all the candles and cause a ghost, a large cross in the center will light up with a flame.

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Easter eggs of the patient 07 in sunlight with homophobia

Patient 07 -this is a model of a ghost in the game, which can be recognized by unique barcode near their chest. They, as a rule, go with their backs to the players during ghostly events and hunting, completely upside down. Until the sunlight was released, the previous refuge on the map had many Easter eggs hinting to transfer the patient to another institution.

At the entrance to Sunny Meadows, players can go to the left past the table to pass downstairs and again to the left, until upholstered by felt . Using UV or from UV Ontario or luminous wand Players can see calculate the marks to show how long the patient 07 was in the chamber.

Continuing to walk along the corridor, the players will get to morgue and find corpse lying on the table. This corpse is none other than the patient 07, and this can be seen by looking at the face of the model. This is where their story ends, and the players finally have answers to the question of what happened to this character in Homophobia.

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