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Hogwarts Legacy advises on how to explore school in this new video

Warner Bros. Games publishes on Twitter a video guide with advice on how to explore the magical world at Hogwarts Legacy, for sale on February 10.

Being a student at the Hogwarts college of magic and Sorcery is not like going to the neighborhood institute. The secretary secrets that do not open before anyone, but that can be discovered with a little curiosity and explorer. The official Hogwarts Legacy account on Twitter h let us take a look (no) authorized from the School . Do you want to see it? Watch the video under these lines.

In the new Warner Bros. Avalanche video game, the players will embody a student, who will have to hold the responsibility of stopping a particularly powerful dark wizard under their shoulders. At the end of the 19th century, dark forces threaten to break peace , so the ministry will need someone capable of dominating ancient magic… that is, our protagonist. He will travel beyond the security of hogwarts to deal with the dangers that lurk between the shadows.

The seven tips to explore Hogwarts (and its surroundings)

  • Council number 1, the secrets of the common rooms: Hogwarts is full of secrets, the common rooms are no exception.

* Council number 2, the restricted are of the library: restricted is just a suggestion, but do not catch you.
* Council number 3, Defense Clsroom against Dark Arts: The clsrooms serve to make mischief, such struggling with the Black Hybrid skeleton of the Professor Heat.
* Council number 4, Peeves: avoids the ghost Peeves at all costs.
* Council number 5, secret duels of wands (this track h been deleted).
* Council number 6, Onto store: It is the mandatory stop to make mischief and jokes.
* Tip number 7, the forbidden forest: stress in the forest and survive to tell it.

Hogwarts Legacy will go on sale On February 10 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. The Nintendo Switch version is confirmed, although it still h no relee date.

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